Video: Kanye West Performs at the MTV EMAs

Kanye West hit the stage twice during the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards. Once was to perform his single “Love Lockdown” (above) and the second time he joined Estelle for “American Boy” (below).

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    he cant sing, but the way he whales on the mic and just puts his heart into it makes it better then some1 who can. he is a true artist and will be around for ever. and why was this years usa VMAs so shity and the stage was so small, but the uk VMAs was a huge stage and the videos i have seen are amazing. i dont get it.

  2. Catie

    Yeah, not the best singer but he makes it work. The song has definitely grown on me, i couldn’t stand it when i first heard it back in September.

  3. bass_man

    neither of them can really sing but they have great stage command and charisma.

    and they didn’t get to edit kanye on A.B.!