Video: On Set of Keri Hilson’s ‘Turnin’ Me On’

Keri Hilson goes behind the lens for her new video for “Turnin’ Me On” featuring Lil Wayne. In addition to Weezy, look for appearances from Polow Da Don and Rich Boy.

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  1. michael

    cant wait buy the album everybody!!!

  2. nina

    i can`t wait for her to release her album. keri has been flying under people`s radar for a while. keri is overdue for some recognition, which she is so deserving of. i love the concept of the video and weezy is definitely a good look for her and the song is amazing. she looks fly as hell and weezy`s swagger is right. they make a perfect combo.

  3. BayGirl

    Heyyy can’t wait to see the video Erik White better have made this video HOTTT cuz from what i see i can already see ppl saying this looks like DC3-Soldier vid & Monica-Everytime the Beat Drop vid. CAN’T WAIT TO BUY KERI’S CD IN 09. KERI THE MOST SLEPT ON TALENTED ARTIST OUT.

  4. Catie

    Wow, look at the men in that video, haha. It’s weird to me that this track is just coming out because i’ve been playing it for months. I prefer this song to “Return the Favor” by a longshot. I really don’t see the track doing that well in mainstream radio but it will definitely be popular among urban stations.

    BTW, Polow Da Don is gorgeous.