Video: Mya – ‘Paradise’


Mya resurfaces in the video for “Paradise,” the first single off her new album Sugar & Spice, to be released on December 3rd in Japan. The singer is currently signed to Manhattan Records.

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  1. mya fan!!

    i think it really cute keep doin your thing ma i cant wait to get the album..!

  2. mr_baxter25

    beautiful, hot, sexy…..I love her

  3. Kyle

    wow, this came out of nowhere. I feel so bad for her cause she doesn’t get the recognition she deserves in the US…especially after the whole “Liberation” fiasco. what a shame!

  4. miles

    MYA MYA MYA she is so damn beautiful beyonce cant touch her sexiness or rihanna Mya is in a class of her own… did you see that body!!! OMG

  5. kellie

    wow im very surprised with this video i forgot how beautiful and sexy mya was wow im speechless good job mya cant wait for the cd

  6. Trent

    i really don\’t like the song much but the video was cool she look sooo hott it made me rethink how i feel about the song

  7. lovemya

    OMG I love this video I mean yes.. Mya Mya Mya

  8. Tha King

    this is looks cheap but it beautifull she is stunning…but no one …absolutley no one is better looking or singing than ASHANTI

  9. LaMont

    WOW! Great video,Mya is so thick and sexy,her body is fierce! It’s good seeing a new video from her. :D

  10. Catie

    After seeing that video, i can see why the album is being released in Japan only. I’m really not bashing Mya because i know that she’s capable of making much better music, for example, “Ridin” was an incredible song (it was released last summer).

  11. TNIC

    the comparisons need to stop. the shit is irritating. was beyonce name anywhere on this page??? NO!!! and the same on rihannas video. NO NO NO!!!! mya is mya. rihanna is rihanna. beyonce is beyonce. 3 different MF\\\’s. 3 different styles. different period. anywho, im a fan of mya\\\’s but the video looked low budget like a mufuka. she culd of did so much better. why isn\\\’t she do better when she can??? SOS to mya!!!

  12. TNIC

    typo. why isn’t she doin better when she can i mean

  13. TVA

    If you read the article by the video you see she\’s not on a major label anymore. So the budgets are slimmer. Although all budgets are slimmer these days.

    So while there wasn\’t a big production for the video I think she\’s probably happier with her situation now than she was. Real artists are happy just to be able to create and make a living. She went and did Broadway and had small roles in films for awhile I think she\’s content. Leave her be……she is still damn sexy.

  14. Lebo (CaribbeanBoi)

    I think she should have done a video like Keyshia Cole ‘Heaven Sent’, on a beatiful Island which more reflects Paradise . Luv the song & she looking sexy