It’s Ms. Keri, Baby & Young Weezy, Baby


Keri Hilson was in her hometown of Atlanta recently to shoot the video for her latest single “Turnin’ Me On” featuring Lil Wayne. The video premieres tomorrow, but here are some on-set photos to hold you off in the meantime. If that’s not enough, watch some behind-the-scenes action.

keri_tmo8.jpg keri_tmo10.jpg keri_tmo9.jpg keri_tmo7.jpg keri_tmo6.jpg keri_tmo3.jpg keri_tmo2.jpg keri_tmo1.jpg keri_tmo5.jpg

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  1. backtobasics

    i can not wait for this video to come out. I hope her cd doesn’t get delayed again.

  2. BayGirl

    This video is gonna be HOTTT props to Ms. Keri baby & all I know is this video better get heavy rotation on every music channel or im calling the NAACP, FCC & OBAMA. j/k

  3. Mira

    Great! Can’t wait to see it!

    GO KERI !!!

  4. TNIC

    so is the video premiering today or thursday?

  5. LaurenM

    YAY GO KERI!! :D still mad about her album push backs, but what can ya do :/

  6. walter

    i thought t.i. was in this song