Video: Keri Hilson f/ Lil Wayne – ‘Turnin’ Me On’


Erik White directs the video for Keri Hilson’s third single “Turnin’ Me On” featuring Lil Wayne. Contrary to earlier reports, T.I. does not appear in the video, but Polow Da Don and Rich Boy do.

Is the third time the charm for Ms. Keri? Watch below.

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  1. !watevaisayistrue !

    Oh hellz yeah im glad she doesn’t try to be like anyone…..She’s always herself……I think this will blow ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! !

  2. backtobasics

    i think this video is okay

  3. crunkpoet

    fukk that i love dudes..effects……style… it!

  4. Catie

    Wow, she really made sure she had the sexiest men in her video. I love the track but honestly, if “Energy” and “Return the Favor” weren’t hits then chances are this won’t be either. She needs to promote her singles, she can’t just rely on music videos.

  5. djbaps

    i like the song but the video is ok she really can\’t dance luv weezy\’s verse though

  6. Playboy

    Keri just doesn\’t have what it takes to be a star… she should stick to being a songwriter and a demo singer. I can totally hear Kelly Rowland killing this song and having more success with it then Keri EVER could.

  7. roxer

    i\\\’m gonna cry with all those negative answers…
    i like the video.. and yeah.. she should promote more her singles.. but i think that her management wants her NOT success… i mean.. everything on this album is wrong choosed, from the album cover, to every (except one) single cover.. the last one, is the worst photo and as always a lame design… she changed her outfit 4 times.. so she was INCREDIBLE sexy with those jeans, and the headphones.. and they choosed the outfit where she was showing more raw.
    a singer is not raw, it helps but.. i think that keri has enough skills to not be considered as another riri… that only can move her ass.. because when she sings… hell.. but she was lucky.. she met jay-z and with that popish style is ruling all the world.

  8. BayAreaGirl

    KERI IS GOING ON TOUR WITH LIL WAYNE NEXT MONTH, now its time for Interscope to step it up & promote the hell outta Keri.

    Video is hot, song is banging when this gets played in the club the whole dance floor bout to be wildin out from how hard the bass knocks.

  9. Imaboss07

    OMG this video makes this song much better.I see you Keri doing your thing. Keep doing you. I hope this gets major play on television.

  10. backtobasics

    after watching it again. I have to admit this video is good. hopefully it gets lot of air time.

  11. Joseph

    I think this shoulda been the first single – I dont think theres ANYTHING wrong with keri hilson, i think she’s got potential but in times like this u gotta make a HIT album – all or nothing, thas why Ciara has had so many push-backs for Fantasy Ride- she’s goin REAL hard to top both her Number one triple platinum selling albums, and I know she will. But I feel bad for keri hilson, wish her the best.

  12. diana

    i love lil wayne so much i have the lil wayne cd it is so cool comments you i iiiii llllllooooovvvvvveeeeeee yyyyyooooouuuuu sssooooo mmmuuucccchhhh peace out