Aubrey O’Day Sheds Clothes for Playboy


Aubrey O’Day has gone all the way. In a not-so-surprising move, Diddy’s former least innocent angel has reportedly posed nude for Playboy.

The ex-Danity Kane member spent all day at a Manhattan photo studio on Tuesday doing a spread for the popular men’s magazine, according to The photos were taken by photographer Markus Klinko (Mariah Carey, Beyoncé). Lion cubs were supposedly involved in the shoot.

Has Aubrey gone too far?

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  1. mike Belgrove

    And now her career is a wrap

  2. dansgirl

    I think that until it is a true story TMZ, is hard for me to belive anything that they report. I really like Aubrey no matter what she does it is not against the law and many stars have done the same thing so do not judge her. I really can\’t wait until her new alblum comes out cause she is very talented. And has a great voice.
    Go Aubrey be you!!!!

  3. Bijan

    she has spiralled out of control
    There’s nothing wrong with posing nude imo.
    But there’s a huge difference between being classy, and well….Aubrey,=[

  4. Catie

    Let’s be honest, this isn’t surprising. She has done several photoshoots that actually look like they could be for “Playboy”. It was actually one of the reasons why Diddy didn’t want her in Danity Kane anymore. I think it’s a really bad decision though.