Review Roundup: Akon – ‘Freedom’


Akon’s third studio album Freedom hits stores and digital retailers on Tuesday. What are the critics saying? Find out below.

Entertainment Weekly: Akon’s philosophy of liberty also includes the freedom to reuse nearly identical hooks for 13 songs straight. That approach may bring him plenty money, but it yields only a few legitimately fun tracks, buried beneath a pile of boring retreads. C-

Rolling Stone: Most of Freedom is pure melodrama about love and love lost, delivered in a hooting style over synth-swamped beats that are closer to early Peter Gabriel than to 2008 hip-hop. 3 out of 5

Boston Globe: The album seems obsessed with love and more love; a lot of it would be Oprah approved. Freedom is much different than his debut, the vexed Trouble and its follow-up, the sexier and funkier Konvicted.

The Times (U.K.): One listen to Freedom will convince you that the man is really just a soppy old romantic. The autotune vocals and 1980s aesthetic—tinny beats and digital synths—start out fresh, but, over 14 similarly produced tracks, soon get boring. 2 out of 5

The Guardian (U.K.): Despite his hip-hop roots and the presence of guest rappers such as Lil Wayne, it’s Akon’s buoyant pop sensibility that prevails.
3 out of 5

Rap-Up’s Favorite Tracks: “Right Now (Na Na Na),” “Beautiful,” “Troublemaker,” “I’m So Paid”

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  1. Catie

    I’ve really been into Akon lately but tomorrow, it’s all about Britney’s “Circus”. Maybe i’ll buy Akon’s album down the line.

  2. MOcKmE wORDS

    brandy dec. 9th

    they’re only saying wat I’ve been saying allllllllllllllllll along he an tpain are one notes same song on 1 album its lame they have no substance only ringtone music

    they say hes in love i hope he falls in love with some talent because he ain’t got it

  3. love bee

    harsh reviews … i really like akon’s album he has the whole dance/r&b/hip hop feel to the whole album & he pulls it off… i hope his next single is beautiful ft. colby & kardinal that track is the hottest on the whole album

  4. BallinBrian

    all this wouldnt b said right now if akon would have kept songs like clap again, bad as hell, saviour tonite, and hold my hand and up and down on the album. everybody would b talkin bout how he is the best r&b singer of all time. which i believe he still is. better luck next album. go back to ur roots

  5. Grant

    @ ballinbrian

    Best RnB singer of all time? have you ever heard him hit a high note? im not hatin’ cause i like akon but hes not an rnb singer…hes the definition of hip-hop and rnb put together but he cant sing like joe, brian mcknight, usher…now thats real rnb….i just think you misjudged your statement of him slightly thats all

  6. Elvis Raymond

    Best R n B Singer? I love Akon\’s Songs but he cant be the best. The R in R n B is still the best R n B Singer. no 1 can beat him to that. Thats Kells. R. kelly