Video: Britney Spears Brings ‘Circus’ to ‘GMA’


Britney Spears celebrated her 27th birthday and album release for Circus by performing on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday.



Celebrities wish Britney “Happy Birthday”

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  1. altered_mind

    I\’m glad to see her back and looking good. I guess I just expected her to dance really high energy with these songs and she didn\’t. There will be more performances I\’m sure; however these definitely were a step in the right direction.

  2. Womanizer09

    Shes definitely on the way back to the top!
    After all the struggle with life….Shes back and focused!
    Like a phoenix from the Ashes!

    love you Brit!

    ps. she proved all the haters wrong who said she’d never be able to get in shape again!

  3. Catie

    She KILLED it with the performance of “Circus”. It was by far, her best performance out of all the recent ones that she has done (X-Factor,Star Academy). The energy in it was crazy and the dance moves were impressive. I bought the album and it is really the best pop album of the year. Then again, it’s Britney, what else did you expect?