Quote of the Day: Leona Lewis on Grammys


“I am so thrilled to have been nominated for 3 Grammy Awards! I am totally floored. Wow! I am so lucky to have worked on this album with so many great people and it’s such an honor to be recognized by the Recording Academy. It’s been an incredible year!”

–Leona Lewis on being nominated for her first 3 Grammys for Record of the Year (“Bleeding Love”), Best Female Pop Vocal Performance (“Bleeding Love”), and Best Pop Vocal Album (Spirit).

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  1. Cool

    Congrats to her for getting the nominations. Now she only needs to convert those to wins. She deserves every award she\’s up for as she has had a fantastic year. This would start 09 off with a bang. People need to realise that a talent like hers is very rare and only comes around every so often. You can only be snubbed at big award ceremonies for so long. ;)

  2. Giselle

    She’s truly deserving of the nominations, I hope she wins.

    Btw, why did the Grammys snub Mariah, and Alicia Keys? Lame.

  3. Woop... I hate haters, does that make me a hater..?

    She deserves it definitely. I just hope the noms turn into wins.

    They seem to pluck a lot of songs out for nominations, i’m surprised Britney wasnt on there for anything. She won a load of awards this year.

  4. Tricia

    I’m sooooo happy for Leona! I do think it was rather a rip-off that she wasn’t nominated for Best New Artist while lesser talented acts were given a nod in that category, but I’m delighted that she’s up for 3 even more prestigious awards! Congrats to this lovely, humble, and uber-talented young star!

  5. Tom

    Leona Deserves to win all those awards! She is such an amazing talent and its now come to the point were you no longer think of her as a talent show winner,simply just one of the best singers in the world!

  6. Catie

    Leona definitely deserves those nominations. She had a really good year.

    I agree that Britney should have been nominated for something, critics raved about “Blackout” when it came out. IMO, “Circus” is even better than “Blackout” so i can see Britney definitely getting nominated next year.