Brandy Wants Darkchild & Timbaland Album


Brandy has worked with two of the biggest producers in the game, Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins and Timbaland. But for her sixth album, the “Right Here (Departed)” songstress wants her cake and plans on eating it too.

Brandy worked mostly with Darkchild on her latest project Human, which was released this week. Prior to that, Timbaland executive produced her critically-acclaimed fourth LP Afrodisiac.

The 29-year-old star recorded with Timbaland for Human, but none of those tracks ended up making the final tracklisting. “One of the reasons why is because it’s hard to get Timbaland’s voice on records, and we really wanted his voice to be on the records,” she tells “It’s not that they’re not good, it’s just that we couldn’t work it out where he could actually be on the album.”

However, that doesn’t mean fans won’t be hearing more Brandy and Timbaland collabos in the future. If the singer has her way, her next album will be executive produced by both hitmakers. “I think I’m gonna work with Timbaland again heavy for my next album. He’s one of the most talented producers, I think, to ever exist,” she disclosed. “I would love to do an album with him and Rodney together, like they actually executive produce it together. That would be a dream of mine.”

Should her dream come true, don’t expect any ego clashing to occur. According to Brandy, “Timbaland is one of Rodney’s favorite producers and Rodney is one of Timbaland’s favorite producers.”

Look for an all-new interview with Brandy in the Winter 08/09 issue of Rap-Up, on sale later this month.

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  1. andy0666

    Brandy\’s great and new album Human too…Looking forward to next projects

  2. Joseph

    Hey If Mark Pitts and Tricky Stewart could do it, why not timbo N Darkchild?

    I think they’d have to put a LOT of pride aside tho haha, otherwise there’d be sum clashin goin on

  3. StayAfro

    Anything Brandy works is music gold.. dont matter who she work with.. If \’Porcelin Doll\’ was made by Tim..or Rod that is a SICK Track.. but the ALbum she has made is on another level..strong Inspirational come back

  4. stephlover89

    I was with her since i was 6 when her self title album Brandy came out and is still with her with her most recent work Human.And im gonna stay with her through whatever she decides next!