Ciara Animated for ‘Fantasy Ride’ Artwork


Ciara, or should we say Super C, shows us the making of her album artwork for Fantasy Ride with DC Comics artist Bernard Chang. The comic book-inspired packaging has been in the making for 9-12 months and is one of the reasons Fantasy Ride was delayed to 2009, according to Ciara.

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  1. Dz


  2. cj

    i cant wait till fantasy ride drops :)

    its deff gonna be hott & i love the concept
    even more & more :) í¢Ã¢”žÂ¢Ã‚Â¥í¢Ã¢”žÂ¢Ã‚Â¥

    i love you cici !

  3. B. Rillz

    CiCi wishes she had those boobs! Ha ha!

  4. kWALLS

    Yay!!! I can’t wait!

  5. Joseph

    Fantasy Ride is gon’ Be siiiiick!!! Cant wait! Its gon’ be HAWT

  6. Mylo


  7. Deontae

    Can’t wait for album plus Rap Up there are new Ciara pictures, she’s everywhere lol but i love her

  8. Bijan

    wow sounds like dawn. only dawn actually does stuff.

  9. Jes

    This is very original, who is dawn, never heard of her! It kind of looks like ciara, but I hope this is just a quick drawing. I know they can do better than that, they are the people who drew all the super hero’s like batman and others. It looks good though!

  10. dale23

    Ciara would make a better Wonder Woman than Beyonce anyday. She has the look, attitude, and the body for it. And i’m pretty sure C can act better than Beyonce too! Who can’t??

  11. moha93600

    Not bad!
    But I prefer Aaliyah
    Aaliyah Forever !!!

  12. MyLoVe...

    First off who was talking about Aaliyah…
    R.I.P. Beloved Aaliyah…
    But this is a post about Ciara\’s new album….
    I just knew someone was going to say something about CiCi\’s animated version of herself…
    Just because Aaliyah had a cartoon animated version of herself….
    I would hate it if CiCi would work with Timbaland….
    And if he would be in her video he produced…
    Cause haters would get on CiCi even more….

  13. Bourbon-Street

    I’m excited to see what Bernard Chang came up with. Hes also working on Wonder Woman so hopefully they can do some more collaborations in film too. Good work CiCi!

  14. justin

    lol you know its been pushed because she has no hits now