MTV News’ Top Hip-Hop Songs of 2008


MTV News has chosen their top 28 commercially released hip-hop singles of 2008. See if you agree or disagree with the list.

1. Lil Wayne – “A Milli”
2. Kanye West – “Flashing Lights”
3. Shawty Lo – “Dunn Dunn”
4. M.I.A. – “Paper Planes”
5. Fat Joe (featuring J. Holiday) – “I Won’t Tell”
6. T.I. (featuring Rihanna) – “Live Your Life”
7. Lil Wayne – “Lollipop”
8. Snoop Dogg – “Sexual Eruption”
9. Young Jeezy (featuring Nas) – “My President”
10. Rick Ross (featuring T-Pain) – “The Boss”
11. Plies (featuring Ne-Yo) – “Bust It Baby Pt. 2″
12. The Game (featuring Keyshia Cole) – “Game’s Pain”
13. Young Jeezy (featuring Kanye West) – “Put On”
14. David Banner (featuring Chris Brown and Young Joc) – “Get Like Me”
15. Maino – “Hi Hater”
16. Shawty Lo – “Foolish”
17. Rick Ross (featuring Nelly) – “Here I Am”
18. T.I. – “Whatever You Like”
19. Lil Wayne (featuring T-Pain) – “Got Money”
20. The G-Unit – “Rider Pt. 2″
21. Busta Rhymes – “Don’t Touch Me”
22. Lupe Fiasco – “Hip-Hop Saved My Life”
23. Jay-Z – “I Know”
24. Kanye West – “Heartless”
25. Lil Wayne (featuring Bobby Valentino) – “Mrs. Officer”
26. Red Cafe (featuring Fabolous, Fat Joe and Jadakiss) – “Paper Touching” remix
27. Ron Browz and Jim Jones (featuring Juelz Santana) – “Pop Champagne”
28. Busta Rhymes (featuring Ron Browz) – “Arab Money”

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  1. yeahyeah

    lame list. that’s all i got to say.

  2. jojo

    yea i disagree with alot Fat joe i wont tell ranked way too high hot song but not better then half the songs after it and anything ron brows doesnt belong on the list…get ur on style stop biting..harlems hip hop game is over…Wack…

  3. mad

    im prolly weird but i never even heard dun dun by shawty lo until i just looked it up on youtube right now…

  4. jusme

    I don’t think either of the Shawty Lo tracks should be on there…that’s just me.

  5. Galil ( PINOY Baby)

    g-unit shouldn’t be mentioned on that list.

  6. Catie

    “Game’s Pain” should in the top 5 and Fat Joe’s song shouldn’t be on that list at all.


    i think fat joe and deff shawty lo shouldnt b on this list. i also think M.I.A. shouldnt cuz i dont feel she is a hip-hop artist, dont get me wrong shes still hot. i really think missys ching-a-ling and flo-ridas low or elevator should b on the list. they were hot tracks