Rihanna Kicks Off ’09 with a Bang


Rihanna is starting off her 2009 in a big way. The pop singer will perform at an inaugural benefit for President-elect Barack Obama on January 20 and release a new remix album on January 27.

According to People.com, the “Disturbia” hitmaker will lend her star power to the Recording Industry Association of America’s Presidential Inauguration Charity Ball, benefitting Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization.

Later in the month, Good Girl Gone Bad: The Remixes will be released with original reworkings of 12 tracks off Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded. Remixers include Soul Seekerz, The Wideboys, and Lindbergh Palace. The official tracklisting is below.

1. “Umbrella” – Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel
2. “Disturbia” – Jody den Broeder
3. “Shut Up and Drive” – The Wideboys
4. “Don’t Stop The Music” – Jody den Broeder
5. “Take a Bow” – Tony Moran & Warren Riggs
6. “Breakin’ Dishes” – Soul Seekerz
7. “Hate That I Love You” – K-Klassic
8. “Question Existing” – The Wideboys
9. “Push Up On Me” – Moto Blanco
10. “Good Girl Gone Bad” – Soul Seekerz
11. “Say It” – Soul Seekerz
12. “Umbrella” – Lindbergh Palace

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  1. Queen Rihanna

    God bless, its Rihanna and not Beyonce.
    Rihanna never impose herself to the media and said she wants to perform there and thats why she is now a part of the Inauguration.

    How stuck-up to yourself you have to be, to be so pushy like Beyonce? I hope they don\’t let her perform….

  2. Queen Beyonce

    SMH @ the hater above me..Miss RiRi is not performing at the Inauguration dumbass. It\’s a charity ball benefitting Feeding America. You Rihanna fans are so quick to bring up Queen B\’s name when it has nothing to do with her. Oh well, I guess that\’s why she is Beyonce and fans and haterz alike can\’t keep her name out their mouths….

  3. df

    why is she re-releasing the same cd 10 times!!!

  4. There is Only 1 Queen... Beyonceí¢Ã¢”žÂ¢Ã‚Â¥

    Lol they would be no chance at all that rihanna would get to perfom at the inauguration. They would not choose her over Beyonce. and yes she’s perfoming at the Inauguration charity ball not the actuall for President-elect Obama and sorry to sayy but WTF! a new album with the same songs. Come on im gettin bored here. she needs something new

  5. Fine In 09

    Untitled album is set for a tentative April re-lease.

    GGGB:The Remixes, isn\’t new its just finally get a U.S. release date. It\’s been released in the Europe already..

    and good to see her start of 09 in a bang..

    also on the Beyonce tip……can\’t wait to see DIVA video, January is gonna be MAJOR!!!

  6. There is only one Queen....and that is Rihanna!

    I agree with 1*!
    Beyonce is crazy.

  7. drtash

    LOL@Beyonce stans vs. Rihanna stans. I wonder who else is performing?

  8. Ya Ya

    Im kinda glad shes doing something big on the top of the year…and her 4th album scheduled to be released this year 2…and some of the biggest stars remix there albums or songs..she doing it to keep us un focused on her current project

  9. emmanuel

    to= you gagy rust nody schat Rihanna, omy you hepy, lol hep vore me, you were boel werk hebbe.