50 Cent Speaks Out on Baby Mama House Fire


50 Cent has been accused by former girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins of setting his Long Island home on fire. Tompkins and son Marquise were present at the time of the blaze that destroyed the $2.4 million dollar estate on May 30, 2008. 50 has spoken out on the accusations for the first time.

“At the end of the day, that’s why it hasn’t been anything as a result of that towards me from the law enforcement perspective,” the rapper told “TV One Access” in response to Tompkins’ claims.

50 hints at the possibility that his ex-girlfriend set the house on fire herself after the courts ordered her to vacate. “It was more like, ‘If I can’t have it, you can’t have it.’”

Tompkins believes the “In Da Club” hitmaker sent someone to burn down the property. “He’s too much of a coward to do anything himself,” she said at the time.

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  1. Dominicano

    50 cent did that shit

  2. T

    Why would 50 burn his own house? He owns it, and she was paying him rent, thus, returning the child support he was paying her. THAT IS THE PIMPING-EST SHIT I\’VE EVER HEARD…….Then she was ordered to leave the property. I don\’t know who did it, but 50 doesn\’t come across as a stupid man.

  3. leavemebe

    50 has to much to lose by burning his own house down. plus his son was in side. i don\’t care how much money he has, if he did it will come to surface.

  4. Galil ( PINOY LIFE)

    Put this shit 2 rest, 50 did this shit no doubt.
    50 aka Boo Boo doesn’t care about his son or anybody 4 that fact. It’s all about himself.