Video: Christina Milian – ‘Us Against the World’


“Us Against the World” is the first single off Rap-Up cover star Christina Milian’s fourth album, Dream in Color, due this spring on MySpace Records. The video for the epic ballad features plenty of eye candy courtesy of Christina and gorgeous desert imagery. Watch the Ray Kay-directed clip in its entirety below.

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  1. love bee

    OH DAYM that fine piece of ass at the end of the video is frinking HOT! Milian is really pretty nice video im liking her style throughout the vid

  2. Lil' Nello

    Real powerful video to go with a real powerful song! And Christinia is looking better then ever!

  3. mhmmm

    this is the material that needs to be on the top of charts. not beYAWNce or rih-annoying! we ALL sick of them bitches, time for real talent to shine.

  4. mr_baxter25

    She’s always been flop…. and I don’t think this is gonna help her to change that..
    She looks beautiful, and that is her only talent…

  5. Dre

    @mr_baxter25: Just like ur fav artist and ure mya bitch.

    Im feelin the video

  6. :D

    damnnn, this video is hottttt :D
    good to see her back in business, and i hope her album doesn\’t flop :)

  7. wameezy

    This video just took this song to the next level im very impressed this should be number 1 very soon!

  8. Heyhomee

    Cot Daym.

  9. Dominicano


  10. LaMont

    Damn! Baby girl is sexy as hell!! That’s a great video,I would love to be out in the dessert with her. :D Seeing this video makes me like the song a hell of a lot more.

  11. kay

    hot : she’s flawless, and the song is powerfull

  12. WTF !

    Okay .! i love this song, but wthell the video is awfull. She’s obviously using “sexappeal” to sell the record witch works all the time. but in this case i don’t think it will cos girl is trying way to hard for this video… i agree with some people. Powerful song, TERRIBLE video for it, has nothing to do with the message of the song

  13. stanica

    hey christina i luuuuuuuv this video u look geat and i see this song at num 1 in a few weeks keep it up u work hard 4 it.

  14. Catie

    Christina Milian is on top of her game! I’m so happy the video has finally been released and i hope the single does really well. I feel like the hype for her this time around is so much bigger so i don’t see the album really flopping. All i know is that i am definitely buying it.

  15. Giselle


  16. Catie

    Please, everyone needs to request this song to radio outlets! It would be so disappointing if a song like this wasn’t a hit yet the annoying “Single Ladies” was #1.

  17. justin

    This song is sooooo good it needs to become big!

  18. Trent

    Hott is all i can say