New Music: Ciara – ‘I Don’t Remember’


Ciara gets serious on “I Don’t Remember,” an eery ballad that may appear on her third album Fantasy Ride, in which the non-drinker describes waking up after a party and not recalling what happened the night before. It’s a side of the R&B singer we’ve yet to see.

Ciara – “I Don’t Remember”

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  1. Wayne

    feeling this a lot so different from whats on the radio and vocals are good damn Ciara you go girl


  2. !watevaisayistrue!

    too much like britney spears…blur…..try again….lol


  3. Venisha

    Wow…Ciara is brilliant on this track. I’ve never heard her sound this good vocally. Go Ciara.


  4. mia

    does sound like Britney\’s song blur….but its cool


  5. D

    So is this yet another leak



    this song is amazing. this is great never heard her do this normally its crunkish pop.


  7. BP86

    nice beat, I must admit. but the similarities of this song and Britney’s “Blur” are there, in terms of the content in the song. It’s way just too similar, so i doubt this would be a single. But a nice new beat from Ciara. Very unexpected.


  8. Nah

    I like this, it’s def different for her and her voice sounds great.


  9. Jazmine

    WoW I Always Say Great Things About This Beautiful Talented Young Lady But Uh This Song
    Is HORRIBLE!!!!! This Is NOT Gonna Be On “Fantasy Ride” It’s Just NOT Her She Doesn’t Drink So Why Make Up A Song About Drinking? I Just Don’t Like This Song Is A Mess! The Beat Is Wack But Hopefully We Get The Video “Never ,Ever” Soon! I Can’t Wait For That Video!


  10. YOYO

    This song is a very well put together song lyrically and vocally. Jasmine you are missing the point of this song. If you pay attention to the lyics in this song. She clearly mentions she is not a drinker. Something happen to her when she was at the party. She didn\’t know how she got home. She know she has on the same clothes from yesterday but she remember going to this party and I would assume she was with her boo. Every college student either can relate or know someone who has been its this situation.


  11. Bre

    this is HOTT!!!
    –i jst hate that ciara’s songs keep gettin leaked!!


  12. Catie

    The lyrics are very similar to Britney’s “Blur” but they really don’t sound anything like. This song has a little dance beat in the background. For the most part, i like it but i wouldn’t say it’s good enough to be a single.


  13. leavemebe

    her voice is clear in this song. usually she whispers. the lyrics are nice. but i am still not a ciara fan as far as her singing. love to see her dance. i wonder who keeps leaking her songs? she has a strong fan base to just put this album on top. stop the leaking!!


  14. Kyle

    Wow, she sounds really great on this track! Her vocals have certainly improved. The subject matter is kinda iffy though. But at least she tried something different.


  15. Joseph

    She sounds amazing, its such an intense song as far as the beat, vocals, and lyrics. She shows a lot of vocal growth in this song and its got such a desperate dark vibe to it, its awesome – Fatasy Ride 09!


  16. Deontae

    I love the song I can\\\’t stop playing it and if this is a single you know the video will be hot!!! Ciara is taking over 09 and Jasmine you are missing the big picture of the song! Ciara is involving and you must appreciate that


  17. jina

    this song is very addictive and it is really different side of her that I was really hoping for this time around a more serious side of her personality


  18. keny aka I Love CiCi (im her man)

    This song is so beautiful. OMG I’m so proud to be a Ciara fan.. this woman is so dedicated and it is for that reason (and her bangin music) that I will forever support her, unlike her other fickle fans I luv this new direction and I believe she will finally get more respect internationaly


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