New Music: Keri Hilson f/ T.I. – ‘Turnin’ Me On (Remix)’


First Lil Wayne, then Busta Rhymes, and now T.I. has provided a remix to Keri Hilson’s “Turnin’ Me On.” The song is steadily climbing the Billboard and iTunes charts and could become Keri’s first solo hit, although there is still no concrete release date for her debut album In a Perfect World…

Keri Hilson f/ T.I. – “Turnin’ Me On (Remix)”


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  1. d

    i thought the song has to be a hit to create all these remixes. she’s really trying isn’t she.


  2. dj yan man

    lol dude, this is a massive hit in the US. Here, in the UK, I ain’t really heard it on mainstream radio, just an odd spot on the R&B specialist radio shows. Too bad :(


  3. AAWesome

    F-I-Y-A-H!!! T.I. IS THE SHIT!!!


  4. Catie

    I had a feeling that this would be her breakthrough hit, it’s a really good song.


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