Mariah Carey Starts Work on ‘MC3′ Album


The-Dream appeared on DJ Skee’s HD2 New Music Show on 102.7 KIIS FM on Sunday where he discussed working with Mariah Carey on her twelfth studio album, tentatively titled MC3.

“I’ve been working on this Mariah Carey thing for the last four days. Her working title for this next album, which is what I call it, is MC3,” said the man behind Mariah’s No. 1 hit “Touch My Body.” “Mariah is everything—she’s down, she’s cool, she gets it.”

While still in its early stages, the singer-songwriter revealed that he’s trying to helm the songbird’s entire new album. “I’m trying to do the whole thing.”

As for the direction Mariah will take on the follow-up to 2008′s chart-topper E=MC², the hitmaker divulged, “I think it’s about just writing an album that includes the focus of all the hits that she’s had. … She can’t take a loss, she has to do everything to the T, so it’s basically like we’re trying to make a greatest hits without using the greatest hits.”

Mariah Carey’s most recent album, E=MC², was released in April 2008. It debuted at No. 1 selling 463,000 copies in its first week.

Watch The-Dream’s full interview below.

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  1. MC.Loverboy

    I love me some Mimi but if she tries to recreate “The Emancipation…” for her new album one more time, I swear I will end up tearing my hair out! Quit trying to reproduce the success of TEOM and focus your attention on something new, fresh and original!


  2. Sports Tsar

    What\’s the over/under on Nick Cannon guest spots?


  3. Anonymous

    I hope for her sake it sounds more like The Emancipation of Mimi than E=MC2 cuz the first one had more old skool soundin songs and i really enjoyed it. I still enjoyed E=MC2 though but not as much as Emancipation. Can’t wait for the new album! Hope Janet is doin a new one too! Here’s hoping the best for Janet and Mimi


  4. Rafaiah

    i really do not know why mc2 is not working… it really has grea records.
    I hate Migrate and Cruise contros (both songs don’t fit)
    And the label started with a good promo with Touch My Body but…that’s all퀚¡퀚¡퀚¡퀚¡
    I think I STAY IN LOVE it’s much better than WBT…but it’s okay…she went platinum.

    I think the problem is she got married and forgot about the square퀚¡퀚¡퀚¡퀚¡


  5. Rafaiah

    i really do not know why mc2 is not working… it really has grea records.
    I hate Migrate and Cruise contros (both songs don\’t fit)
    And the label started with a good promo with Touch My Body but…that\’s all퀚¡퀚¡퀚¡퀚¡
    I think I STAY IN LOVE it\’s much better than WBT…but it\’s okay…she went platinum.

    I think the problem is she got married and forgot about the squared퀚¡퀚¡퀚¡퀚¡


  6. Catie

    The point of “E=MC2″ was so it was a part 2 of “The Emancipation of Mimi”, so i understood the concept and i loved the album. I’m actually surprised to hear that she’s already working on another record, there was a three year gap between her last two albums.

    I really respect The Dream, he’s doing everything.


  7. Adrian

    I bet this album is gonna be sick. Working with mariah has gotta make him feel like a kid in a candy store. He can write all sorts of crazy notes and never have to ask,”Can you hit this?” HELL YEAH SHE CAN! lol. It’ll be sick.


  8. Angel

    I LOVED E=MC2!! It was a great album! I’m SHOCKED that I Stay in Love did not hit #1 on Billboard cuz I think it was way better than Touch My Body and to me, I Stay in Love was the best track on the album!! I also love Thanks 4 Nothing, I Wish You Well and For the Record. I like Migrate and Side Effects too! I hate Cruise Control though!@


  9. Angel

    Hopefully this album ROCKS the airplays!!!


  10. Oebie

    I’m hoping she’s recording the new album without the thought to recreate the sound of Mimi. That was the problem with E=MC2, the songs were great (not all of them) but not fresh or better than Mimi. Also the promotion of E=MC2 was very bad, i mean the choices of the singles. Touch my body was great but then? Bye Bye should have been For the record (much better produced than I stay in love and not that boring as Bye Bye). The 3rd single should have been Side effects and the 4th single Love story!


  11. Nathan

    This album’s going to be awesome! The-Dream writes unforgettable hits all the time, so there’s no doubt this will be better than E=MC2. I mean, that album was just OK. Touch My Body, I’m That Chick, I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time, Side Effects, and I Stay in Love were good songs, but I forget the lyrics like two minutes after listening to the songs here. Hopefully, she’ll return to what made her an international star: sick R&B grooves and soaring ballads, but not all sappy crap like “Hero” or anything, because I for one have had enough of that slock.


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  13. dominiko

    i so very much luk fwd to the new album and its anticipated success. just want MC to surpass the beatles 20 hits and elvis 80 wks. I actually prefered E=mc2 than the first one coz i loved all the songs (but migrate), favourite being stay in love, bye bye and loving u long time. You go MC, al da best.god blezzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  14. DC



  15. D.N3al/Baby Dreamer

    Im happy 2 hear shes in the studio wit The Dream And Not Nick!…lol..E=Mc2 was an AMAIZIng album but it lacked Orignality!…”O.O.C” and “Cruis Controle” sounded like they were songs that were ment to be sung by light waights like Christina Million or J.Lo not The Amainzing Maraih Carey!…Also the Choice for singles Sucked!…”Touch My Body” was a good start but she shoulda followed it up with either “I stay In Luv” or “Love Story” then She Shoulda Released “Migrate”..The reason that “I Stay In Luv” didnt go #1 is because lack of Timeing!…The Timeing was So Wrong!..The Best Songs On The Abum Were “I Stay In Luv”, “Migrate”, “For the Record”, and “Side Effects”…”Love Story” Was good to just a lil boreing.Worst Song On The Album Was “O.O.C” it just wasnt Her!…It Should Have been Replaced by another track!.Im hopeing to see a more edgier mariah like in her song with the dream “My Luv”…She sounds so “Un Touchable” in deht song!..Hopeing to See A New/Original version of M.C and Not ANOTHER attempted Re-creation of THE EMANCIPATION OF MIMI with this new Album! GOOD LUKK AMRIAH!..LUV YA =)


  16. naldo

    i loved e=mc2 but the single releases were wrong.touch my body should have been followed by i stay in love then side effects and cruise control should have been released at the same time then love story,then ooc.but my favorite song on the album was last kiss eventhough nobody remembers that one


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