New Couple: The-Dream & Christina Milian


New couple Terius “The-Dream” Nash and Christina Milian at The-Dream’s Love vs. Money listening session in New York City on Wednesday. Christina made the trek from L.A. to be by Dream’s side.

We told you so.

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The-Dream, Christina Milian, and Tricky Stewart

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  1. love bee

    if this how you get back @ nick cannon TRY AGAIN


  2. high_price

    but wait… i thought he was married 2 nivea!

    anything 2 help her get on top..fucking producers for hot tracks and shit lol..

    hip hop whores


  3. Julian

    I clearly only see 2 friends hanging out, this is ridiculous, 1st you guys put her on your cover and now you are stirring rumors and false information?

    Wow… Christina has confirmed that her and “The Dream” do not have a relationship and that it is strictly business between them and Christina’s assistant told me as well, personally, that “Nothing is going on and that it is strictly business. She is an singer/ songwriter and
    he is a producer/ writer. They are working together and that is what it is.”

    I don’t see Rap-Up posting any pics or videos of them “holding hands” or anything of the sort either, so for you all to believe this, you are truly gullible and are feeding into the palms of the media’s filthy hands…


  4. Dominicano

    huh?? i’m confused!!!


  5. DrinkInMyCup

    This Julian dude is taking this waaayyyy too seriously

    Rap-Up was on the video set. Were you?


  6. Soulemperor

    Isn’t Christina Milian dated with Dre of duo-producers Cool & Dre?
    And I heard that The-Dream divorced with Nivea, last year or in 2007 and dated with the vixen or dancer of his video clip Falsetto, so Who’s got the truth??


  7. Rafaiah

    and The-dream is working with Mimi right now퀚¡퀚¡퀚¡퀚¡

    This is soooo weird.


  8. mr_baxter25

    This girl always has to date producers…. Even though, her career has always been a flop… That’s kinda sad xD
    I mean, if your boyfriend can’t give you a hit record, then who????


  9. Julian

    @ DrinkinMyCup: If you were a fan of hers like I am or devoted time out of your life to promoting her and doing updates on her career, you would be just as concerned as I am, I don’t wanna be promoting a person who would do that, that’s why I never believed it she did that to begin with.

    And I might not have been there, but since Christina herself said that it was just business and her assistant personally told me the same thing, I’m taking Christina and her assistant’s word over any day.


  10. amaroth

    just because a cd flops doesnt mean it isnt good music. her cd was one of the best cds to come out that year and nobody bought it, so its unfortunate that people missed out. she dont get the credit she deserves. christina milian is hot.


  11. Julian

    Thank you amaroth :)


  12. Catie

    It’s kind of ironic considering that Nick Cannon is directing the music video for The Dream’s next single with Mariah.

    Amaroth, i agree with you, i’m still listening to “So Amazin”, the album was amazing (no pun intended) from start to finish. Her single that she currently has out now is her best song to date, in my opinion.


  13. tatyana

    i cant believe that they are going to get married and i would never think them 2 together.i was like omg


  14. tyorie

    aww they ah cute couple :)


  15. tHA bADDEStt

    yesss theyyy aree theyy aree awwwsomeee tuugethhaaa.:)


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