50 Cent ‘Gets It In’ with Rick Ross’ Baby Mama

50 Cent vs. Rick Ross

50 Cent is following through on his vow to “fu** [Rick Ross'] life up,” by flying out the mother of Ross’ young child for an interview and some shopping for furs and Gucci.

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  1. Curt

    haha he is for real ! This is hilarious. 50 what are you doing ! I am liking him way more just for doing this. His music isnt bad now its just isnt as good as before in my opinion of course.


  2. Easy Money

    That’s fucked up!! LoL!! I wonder if that’s “really” Rick Ross’s baby mama??


  3. wameezy

    hahahahahaa damn is he serious yo 50 wasnt playin when he said what he said about fuckin his life up Rick Ross must be heated if he seen this video already! This shit is enough to have this nigga go crazy.


  4. joey

    did he call ross’s mom the nutty profeser? lmao


  5. Catie

    He has way too much time on his hands.

    He should focus more on trying to make music that doesn’t sound recycled, ala “Get Up”.


  6. Ms. HollyGolightly

    Ouch! I wonder what Rick has to say?


  7. logo

    50 would do anything just to be noticed in the media these days. His songs sucks so he tries to do movies(which is way worse than his songs) and it totally sucked and now he does this. What a way to keep your career going 50.
    Old School Hip Hop will never be beaten by these no talent wannabe rappers. Just mumble out your rhymes and your famous nowadays!! No one can ever rap like how Old School rappers did. EVER.


  8. JamMasterPete

    Your’e definitely right Logo. The only good rappers these days are not as noticeable as these show off mofos like 50 Cent. Nas is one of these rappers who raps about other stuff like issues here in America eg. poverty. All 50 Cent and other rappers rap about is gangs, sex, girls and how “great” they are. Or getting shot in the face. WOW!! What made him get there in the first place? Himself and no one else. How about going to school and getting an education not drug dealing. Its not that hard. And now look at him. Getting money for mumbling words in his songs. What world do we live in these days?


  9. kanyeezy

    yeah there will never see any of the old school rappers again but it’s unfair to believe hip hop is dying. rappers like kanye, game, weezy, lupe, young jeezy, TI, Em, common come to mind when you think of people to carry the torch.


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  11. Mebich

    dadadadadaaaaamn. LMAO.. WOw thas fucked up.. 50 man. u gotz to fuk with dat nigga. but niggas grimy like shit.. I wudda fuked tia up.. on sum real shit. um and rick or wat ever his name was. I kNEw iT was to good to be tru!. but i like your rapping skills


  12. Ev`s

    kill the F@t f*ck………..GGGGGGGGGG.G-nit


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