Brandy Sets the Record Straight on Ray J and Whitney Houston

Ray J and Whitney Houston

Brandy and Ray J have become tabloid fodder for different reasons, but the R&B singer is finally laying to rest all the rumors surrounding her baby brother’s love life.

In the Winter issue of Rap-Up magazine, Brandy reveals word-for-word Ray J’s sentiments about his relationship with Bobby Brown’s ex-wife, Whitney Houston.

“Well, every time I ask Ray J about Whitney he always says that’s just his friend. He’s not dating her. And I don’t think that he would lie to me. I said, ‘Well Ray, that’s not the way it looks. People think that you and Whitney are in a relationship.’ He was like, ‘Well, that’s what they’re gonna think, but I’m telling you the truth and I’m not dating Whitney. Whitney and I are just really good friends and that’s it.’ When I ask Whitney, she says the same thing, unless they are just pulling the wool over my eyes. But I think he’s telling the truth.”

For more on Brandy’s favorite country artist and which actor-turned-singer she’d like to see play her in a movie, read “Pieces of Me” in the Winter 08/09 issue of Rap-Up, on sale now.


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  2. V.I.P. JiGGa

    Last time I checked ‘Just Friends’ was code hittin the walls and working the middle. Whitney had to get her groove back somehow.


  3. bass_man

    ^wow. explicit.

    and they dated. everybody knows that. they may not be dating, but they dated. his show was on last night too


  4. Catie

    It is impossible to just “be friends” with someone who looks like Ray J, haha.


  5. isabelle dejesus

    to me who cares if they are dating or are really good friends. the woman is free and happy and if they wanna hook up who cares age is just a number. everyone should already know the diva is back and is happy. WELCOME BACK WHITNEY. i think this long awaited album is going to hit number one. that duet r kelly wrote and whitney’s voice thats a definite #1 in my book. I LOVE YOU WHITNEY.


  6. janyia

    ok…dats a ugly couple ray j shoild of tried harder she is way 2 old 4 him wat was ray j thinkin thats just wrong how old he is ohh i know like 20 somethin how old is whitney like 50 somethin idk but datts not good i wonder if they liked each other 4 real i dont think so AND MERRY CHRISTMAS


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