Video: Ciara Performs at NFL Pro Bowl

Ciara and Enrique Iglesias

Ciara accompanied Enrique Iglesias during a live performance of their dance duet “Takin’ Back My Love” at the NFL Pro Bowl halftime show at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii, on Sunday.

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  1. Deontae

    She did good, though it do seem like she lipsynched, but I can tell her mic is low and she did sing live!!! And above all she looks sexy!!!!! Enrique did great too!!


  2. ----

    Good performance. They looked like they had fun on stage together.


  3. Huh?

    She Lip-synced I guess because of the Arena, good for her because u know she sounds a mess live.


  4. bass_man

    I really like that song.


  5. Huh?

    I meant Lip-synched, the “h” didn’t go in when I typed it.



    yeah ci. do ya thang


  7. me

    she sings live fine. it was in and out. there were parts she was live and others was backvocals. enrique sounded a mess


  8. antwaun

    Oh yes the performance wasnt Ciara’s best but she looked fierce. this song is gonna blow.

    Buy Never Ever On iTunes NOW!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Bijan

    Wow what a shame
    The industry is getting worse and worse.
    I love Cici, but why do so many people lip-sync now.
    I feel like Enrique Iglesias wouldn’t be caught dead lip-syncing.


  10. Joseph

    She was awesome – I dont understand, she rarely ever lip-syncs, it must be the stadium, too bad cuz she sounds amazing live. She’s incredible either way, cant wait till fantasy ride!


  11. robinish

    i like the song !


  12. ada

    ciara n enrique rock.i so luv der song.n notin lyk lipsynchn.get it in2 ur skull haters.


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