VH1 Presents ‘Storytellers: Kanye West’

Kanye West

Kanye West taped “VH1 Storytellers” at Sony Studios in Los Angeles on Friday. The avant-garde rapper performed old and new hits including “Touch the Sky,” “Flashing Lights,” “Paranoid,” and “Love Lockdown.”

Kanye also freestyled about Chris Brown’s recent troubles, saying people should give him a break. This comes after he publicly defended Rihanna last week.

The show airs Saturday, Feb. 28, at 9 p.m. on VH1.

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  1. Catie

    He’s defending Rihanna yet he’s saying that we should give Chris a break?

    Anyways, i can’t wait to see this, i hope he performs alot of tracks off of “808′s and Heartbreak”.


  2. asdf

    He reacted out of emotions when the media exploded with all the sensationalism when the event first happened. And I see also what he has seen, since this happened. Chris is being crucified by the media, by his sponsors and the events of that night are not known by any of these people yet. This is still America people. This was ridiculous, I will now stop buying even magazines that I thougt were reponsible journalist like people and US for all the unfounded remarks they’ve made.


  3. lil_ray

    man kanye west going off the deep end he need to shave his head my mansss going crazy!!


  4. G'

    Most of the Celebrities when first spoken to were on emotion high and things were coming from left to right.

    It’s understandable that now that things are starting to settle and they all see how the media/blogs/gossips sites are on Chris Breezy ass like no tomorrow that they are just showing some compassion for him.

    We all got to know first hand that all these Hip Hop/R&B/Pop World fokes know each other more then we know them, so if Kanye is says what he’s saying then people should lay off. They probably know more then us and I don’t fault Kanye for saying what he said about Both Rihanna and Chris Brown. He knows them and probably spoke to both of them. We don’t know what these celebrities know we have no clue of. Maybe he talked to Chris and saw he was remorseful and he sees how the Media public are chewing Chris apart that he’s trying not to be one either.


  5. matrick5000

    id be pissed too if rihanna gave me the herpes


  6. Ctown

    Let everything come out. He might hit her but not that bad what people say. Jay talking they had video of him pushing a woman about a year ago.


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