Ciara and Justin Timberlake Make ‘Magic’

Ciara and Justin Timberlake

Ciara and Justin Timberlake will put their best feet forward when the two dance machines team up for Ciara’s new single, “Love and Sex and Magic.” has exclusively learned that the Zomba labelmates will shoot a video for the song on Friday in New York with director Diane Martel, who helmed the clips for “Promise” and “Like a Boy.”

The Timberlake-produced track will appear on Ciara’s third album Fantasy Ride, scheduled for release this spring.

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  1. Curt

    OOOOOOOO !!! CICI ! i cannot wait. This will be fire ! I least i hope it will be xD


  2. Jazmine

    **Gasps For Air**
    **Screams** OMG Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I Love My Idol Ciara! Yes!!!!!!
    I Think She Should Do The Beyonce
    Thing A Put Out 2 Singles At A Time
    1 Urban/R8B & 1 Mainstream/Pop!


  3. Ryan

    Soooo frickin’ excited for this! 3rd time lucky cici!! lol


  4. Mark

    This is third single from new album and (maybe) her third FLOP.
    Why trying CiCi?! Are you pulling ‘a Nicole Flopzinger’? Becoming new ‘Bubbling Under’ star.


  5. Bobbay

    Oooooooooh this going to be good!!! This is what radio needs right now. Love and Sex and Magic lol


  6. Robert Loves Ciara

    Mark why must you be a hater? Let Ciara do her thing, Im pretty sure that she will be successful and her album will sell. Never Ever is slowly climbing up the charts. Ciara is such a telented artist and I know she will do well


  7. Bobbay

    @Mark She will put out more than one single because she can. And she will put out a thrid video and you will watch that video too just like you watched the last two. Bum!


  8. Bobbay

    *third or 3rd.


  9. Julien

    The demo for this song leaked a while ago..
    Justin Timberlake – Magic
    I really like it
    but can’t imagine Ci on this track xD
    but it is…
    cause if u listen well it say love and sex and magic


  10. Dz

    Omg. .. lol =)


  11. Mark

    ‘Goodies’ era is behind us and she’s not relevant anymore so just face is that she’s going to FLOP.
    If the first two singles couldn’t do it on Urban why should they on Main?


  12. carl

    Isn’t this the single for Europe!?!? That’s what all the blogs are saying..


  13. Yan

    3rd single?


  14. anonymous

    Oh that’s cool! Love both superstars. Though I can’t imagine ciara on a track titled like that. Or maybe I should get over her her good girl image.


  15. Bobbay

    @Mark If she wasn’t relevant why are YOU here posting about her 5 years after Goodies ?
    You’re confused. Haters always are.


  16. D.Mo

    I agree, I hate when ppl say someone is irrelevant & yet they take the time to come on blogs & hate. Mark, if Ciara is so irrelevant & if she’s gonna flop, why waste your time typing what you think. If you don’t like Ciara, then just move on & go & support your own fav artist.


  17. D.Mo

    And another thing, why is everybody calling “Never, Ever” a flop when the single has only been out for a few weeks. They act as if the minute it came out it was suppose to hit the #1 spot, it took Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” 8 weeks to reach #1 & that’s saying something if its taking even BEYONCE a long time to reach #1.


  18. me

    beyonce is coming up on 6 singles by the end of this month. single ladies is the hit. it took rihanna 2 albums before going platnum with the 3rd. whichever way the point is they are doing it. whether it takes ci her 1st or her 3rd single, oh well the point is she’s still doing it.

    no need for the negativity.


  19. D

    never ever is her first single. so what she put out another one out in a month. some people put out 2 at a time. in the words of tyra banks and pink, SO WHAT

    jive is spending the budget they were suppose to have for chris brown on ci hahahahahahahahahaha.


  20. jan

    omg i cant wait….where can hear da song? anybody plz?


  21. Holly

    LOL at “Never Ever is slowly climbing up the charts.” Never Ever is a officially flop because Flo Rida’s Right Round just peaked #1 on The Billboard Hot although the video is going to be released Feb 24th or March 10th and was released on iTunes a week later. Yet, It managed to peak #1 on it’s third day on iTunes and third week on the Billboard Charts with out much “promotion”. The two songs were released the same day. I also heard it on KIIS-FM a couple of days later on Jan 20th (Never Ever never was on that radio station). Soulja boy is doin better w/ kiss me thru the phone. This bitch makes so many flops like Nicole Scherzinger and Keri Hilson. We’ll see about this one with JT. And yes, I’m the biggest Ciara hater.


  22. D.Mo

    Holly, its ppl like you that cause others to hate on other artist.

    Like I said before it took Beyonce, The Queen, 8 weeks to reach number 1 & there were other singles released the same day as hers that did better on the charts. Not everybody’s single is going to reach #1 outta the gate & the fact that you tried to prove that by bringing up Flo-Rida & Soulja Boy is just sad. There was a time when Flo-Rida released songs too & his songs didn’t do well jumping out of the gate, but was he called a flop? Maybe not by you. Ppl like you look for any reason to downplay artist like Ciara. Get a life.


  23. kayjelly

    obviously haters like mark will always try 2 bring down artistes like ciara to the ground. y u called nicole in this i mean ciara accomplish more than nicole in solo projects hence y being a hata. people said that rihanna time was up and she will not remember in the next few years. well riri actually prove dem wrong. not to mention pink with her first ever # 1 song ‘so what’so u tryin 2 tell me dat pink is a flop also. as a black woman i root for women who works hard and trying 2 accomplish their dream. people like u should somewhere and get a life so others can succeed . i bet me yur black? no offense, but if u r then u r a shame 2 our race. u need t give this girl her chance to chance 2 shine once again. gosh,.


  24. kayjelly

    not t mention holly. y r u hating her? i mean what she has done to u personally. obviously u must be a fan bcuz i find it ridiculous like people like who hate her but still come and comment about her. u need to live yur life according to ti. why dont u talk about other artistes dat dont even make it thus far in the industry like teairra mari, christina millian and few others.dont worry ill pray for people like u who hate an artiste who is sucessful before and hoping to be it again. peace


  25. bass_man

    Good luck, The Evolution was one of the best R&B albums of 06.


  26. wameezy

    hahahahaaa thats definately true D Jive will definately open up the budget for ciara cause shes already an established Multi platinum selling artist so if her second single flops she can just drop another one and another video for it with ease. Jive doesnt drop the balls on artists that are making them a lot of money so haters sorry to say but she will have a number 1 with this album i guarantee u!


  27. D.Mo

    Kayjelly, thank your for saying all that you said. I wish I would’ve said it myself.


  28. D.Mo

    Also, Holly, all about Keri Hilson, just cut it out. “Turnin’ Me On” is her successful record to date, so how is she a flop?


  29. Yan

    Turnin’ Me On
    MEDIABASE: 9. Keri Hilson – Turnin Me On f/ Lil Wayne (67.702 Million of Audience)
    Billboard Hot 100: 23
    Billboard R&B : 2

    Shut up Bitches! Keri is fiire!


  30. Deontae

    Who cares, Ciara is doing alot of good stuff now and days and Never Ever is doing so well as of days! I’m happy this is about to happen!!!! I love Ciara and I can’t wait!


  31. MEKA

    Keri is hot but her record took time to get where it’s at to.


  32. kayjelly

    yan nobody was not statin dat keri hilson is a flop. she came a long way and people used to discouraged dat she will not do well bcuz of her recent singles but now keri proves the hatas wrong and she is doin her thang. keri work her ass off for so long and now it pays off so people need 2 appreciate ciara and other artistes who r making it big


  33. Nick

    UM @ Deoante.

    Never Ever is FLOPPING, so I dont know what your talking about. The song hasnt even charted on the Hot 100 yet, the song is nowhere to be found on iTunes, and this will be her SECOND kaFLOP off that lackluster project(which will probably be pushed back AGAIN) called Fantasy Ride. I thought the whole 3-disc idea is what killed it, cause its just too damn cheesey, and her songs are leaking like wildfire. Her team really needs to get it together, because Ciara’s career is really on the edge of the cliff at this moment. If this single flops, she’s DONE. RIP Ciara 2004-2009


  34. Noel

    lol u haters make me laugh! ya be going through every detail of Cici like if ya was a true fan! dame to hate her ya know to much…

    BUT on the bright side, Ciara has too many supporting fans to back her up anyway… also her songs so far are doing it for me, the only thing I have to say that’s not right so far is that i feel like her managers and everyone around her career movement is trying to help her… but i hope everything turns out great for Ci bcuz she deserves it more than some untalented walking playboy rejects!


  35. Noel

    correction: “are NOT trying to help her”


  36. D.Mo

    Nick, its ppl like you that give Ciara so much promotion. You know all about her new album yet you don’t have any hopes about her making it.

    Sad, sad. A lot of ppl like Ciara & so seasonal fan like you really needs to buzz off.


  37. D.Mo

    Oh & also @ Nick, the 3- disc thing is what got ppl interested in it in the first place. So what are you talking about? HATER.


  38. Catie

    Why do artists release singles, do absolutely no promotion and expect it not to flop? It seems that her label and herself have given up on trying to make “Never Ever” a hit but seriously, what promotion has she done besides a music video?


  39. Meril

    I am from Czech Republic, Central Europe, and without Internet I unfortunately wouldn’t have any idea who is Ciara whatsoever. I’m not a huge fan of Ciara, but i like her music – especially her newly leaked tracks “Turntables” and “Echo”. “Never, Ever” is pretty good song IMO.

    They give her some radio spins, but it’s not enough yet. Hopefully, she’ll get high.

    I am a fan of Keri Hilson, and I personally think that Turnin’ Me On is going to be #1 single on the Billboard charts.



  40. Dz

    I would also like to point out that even though some of you haters say ciaras irrelevant…. Her posts get let’s see… This one has about 40 comments. Comepare that to every other post on here. She’s definitely one of the few artists in y’all mouths!!!!! LOL


  41. secsy



  42. secsy

    i love this song!! baby show me, show me , wats ur favourit trick that u wanna use on me, and i’ll volunteer!:)


  43. koj

    ma babi cici back, lolz
    get redy fo da fantasy ride bitchez!!


  44. Dz



  45. Anne

    Ciara can’t sing.


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