Price of Battered Rihanna Photo Revealed


Blogs are buzzing with the reported price shelled out for the first photo of Rihanna’s beaten face. claims that the celebrity website paid $62,500 for the picture of Rihanna, citing a insider. The price is double the yearly salary of the law enforcement official who leaked the photo.

The Los Angeles Police Department is taking the leak very seriously. Rihanna’s father has expressed his disappointment with the LAPD’s “sloppy” work.

“[Chris] Brown, even if guilty, could walk free because of the unauthorized release of this photo,” an LAPD source tells

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  1. Emran

    I don’t think it was right for TMZ to release the photo either. Seriously, it’s a difficult time for Rihanna, and i don’t think she would want that picture being sent around the internet.


  2. drcmuir

    I think its tmz should have never place rihanna pictures out there like that ,without the PDA authority.This is outrageous,everyone has a right toward there privacy,releasing this photo is unacceptable,whosoever have done so should be terminated! I love you rihanna just be strong and pray for God guidance.Only him alone can direct your path.


  3. nickd

    this is ridiculous,
    hopefully the one who leaked the photo will be caught and put him to burn on fire slowly .
    earning money from someone’s sadness by leaking their photo is not unacceptable, it is disgusting



    for punishment, they should release a photo of chris brown after kanye and jay-z get a hold of him.


  5. Val

    Harvey Levin is a bore and his hatefilled raps against some ladies makes sense now that I know the little guy is gay. It figures. People are less inclined to go to his site lately but he’ll get the press because he’s gay. His lover could do better, Harvey is gross looking.


  6. Emran

    You know…none of us can really say that, cuz most of have seen the picture of Rihanna’s face. If you were a real fan, maybe you wouldn’t have looked.


  7. Galil (Pinoy baby!!!)

    I think with that picture now that’s it out everybody in the world can see how Chris Brown did Riri & damn he fucked her up.
    Chris Brown is over…..
    Dude is dead in the music,movie whatever business.





    see ya in hell fucker who leaked the picture:]


  9. my opinion

    I want to see a photo of chris brown booked and charged.


  10. dee

    so now chris punk ass might not even go to jail because of TMZ dumbasses…dis is fucked up…atleast his career is fucked up thats a good punishment…wth was he thinking…beating a woman when his WHOLE fanbase is women…LMFAO DUMBFUCK!!! ROT IN HELL PUNK BITCH!!!
    *excuse my language


  11. T

    Shows that people have no respect for Miss Rihanna.


  12. Holly

    Stop postin crap about this immigrant with a big forehead that wants to be Beyonce!!!! Alright the photo cost more than 60,000. What do I care?


  13. mama

    I love u so much girl to me u r the number one. Get better soon…


  14. timo

    sorry girl, never though chris brown was like this. he is totally wrong risinh his hands on you or any woman. Get well fast. We waiting to hear ur voice beautyful voice again…luv u


  15. @ Val

    This just in, gay men do not hate women. They just don’t want to have sex with them.


  16. bass_man

    Chris could get off because of that?

    oh no…


  17. Sugar Cookie

    she is a strong woman, and has a tough road ahead of her, she said it all in “Rhianna Rehab Ft. Symon Dagrapp”Check out


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