Paul Wall on Rihanna Photo: ‘Damn, That’s Just Bad’

Paul Wall

After seeing the startling photo of a badly bruised Rihanna, Paul Wall is sharing his thoughts on the Barbados beauty’s fight with Chris Brown that has everyone talking.

“I saw the picture and read all the blog comments. I’m like, ‘Damn, that’s just bad.’ I hope she’s alright,” the “Grillz” rapper tells “I hate to get into other people’s business; whatever happened between them, that’s between them, but I just hope they both can come to a positive conclusion and that something positive can come out of it.”

The married father of one expressed his concern for the “Disturbia” singer and couples who struggle with domestic violence. “It’s just sad to see any kind of violence in a relationship. Being such young superstars, they have the world ahead of them both. I just hope that she’s alright. I didn’t see no marks on [Chris], so I’m pretty sure he’s alright.”

Paul Wall will release his third studio album, Fast Life, on May 12. He will shoot a video for the first single, “Bizzy Body,” on Wednesday in Houston, Texas.

–Reported by Rajul Punjabi

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  1. lerato

    peolpe should leave chris alone as he wasnt the 1 that forced rihanna 2 agree goin out with him, but in another hand i feel sorry 4 her


  2. BJ

    Chris Brown is just wrong! A real man walks away before it get to that level.


  3. Leo

    Just because he did not force her to go out with him, does not mean he has any right to beat her up!!!


  4. Ebony

    Even if Chris didn’t force Rihanna to go out with him, Rihanna doesn’t have psychic powers, she couldn’t have predicted that he would hit her. I hope she gets well and never comes back to him.


  5. Ebony

    Exactly Leo, I agree with you.


  6. Radica

    i just hope they both are ok…


  7. Radica

    i jus hope dey both r ok cuz only dem no wat really i dnt lik wat he did 2 her and he sudnt hv dun dat,im sure dere were a better wa y2 deal wit d matter bt i no he is regretin wat happen and i jus hope der families r der 4 dem and i no d fans r der…get better soon rihanna we miss u


  8. Ace

    Chis Brown is 19 yrs old… He is not a man yet.. Dont put too much blame on him, he still need a lot to learn in life….


  9. olivia

    he didnt force her to go out with him? Do you think he wanted to advertise that shit you dumbass? He doesnt walk up to girls and say “aye yo girl, i think your hot. If you date me, ima beat the shit outta ya at some point.”

    I DONT THINK SO. no man advertises that shit, so you DO NOT blame that on her. The victim, is exactly that, THE VICTIM. A woman cannot defend herself against a grown man like he could against her. Get your facts straight. It’s about time he got caught because now he can get TREATMENT!


  10. g-girl


    Chris Brown is turning 20 in one month. He is old enough to fight and die for this country, I think he knows the difference between right and wrong.


  11. Galil (Pinoy baby!!!)

    Send Chris Brown to Afghanistan!!!


  12. Ebony

    @ Ace, even at age 10 boys already know they can’t hit girls. This guy is over 18 and almost 21. He’s a young man, not a “grown a**” one, but still a man, he’s not a “little boy” anymore. He does have a lot to learn, and if people give him a pass now what is that going to teach him? What will he learn? Absolutely nothing. If you want him to learn from this situation, tough love is necessary. This man knows right from wrong and is completely responsible for his actions.


  13. bass_man

    The universal reaction.


  14. Owned

    I want to see the pic where he gets booked.


  15. CTOWN

    If she hit him first he had the right to hit him back. If she woman enough to pass the first hit then take it back like a woman. I’m a girl and i think if she hit him first he had the right to hit her back. People keep saying she a girl. I know alot girls who hit boys because they know they don’t hit girls and the boys got tried of them hitting them and they hit them back. Last word we don’t know what happen but she pass the first hit she should got hit back if he was driving.


  16. Ashleigh

    i dnt care wat no body say. chris brown still my boo. n shuld nt have dun dat. bt it all gud if he hit ha….shootttt he juh hit ha. bt i do feel srry fa ha A LIL BIT!!!!


  17. Ashleigh

    i’m wit ctown ta all yall tricks and lame folks who hatin on Chris Brown. chris brown had tha rite ta hit ha big fo’ head b-hind bck she cnt git mad n day cnt take hym ta jail kuh he hyt ha he did tha rite thang!!!!


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