Rihanna Seeks Solace South of the Border

Rihanna in Mexico

In an effort to get away from all the media and rumors that have been surrounding her lately, Rihanna escaped to Mexico.

“The Insider” obtained photos of the recently turned 21-year-old singer out of hiding last weekend and will air them on tonight’s episode.

The bruises that Chris Brown allegedly left on the pop star’s face were not visible in the photographs, but she is not smiling. Rihanna is reportedly staying at a private beachside villa in the resort town of Punta Mita with a couple close friends.

The photos are a stark contrast to the ones we’ve seen in the past of the Barbados beauty on vacation, smiling and having a good time with Brown.

Rihanna in Mexico Rihanna in Mexico

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  1. Michael Martin

    Awww, cheer up RiRi! You’re better than that….and him. As they say “This too shall pass”.


  2. Blah Blah

    Give me a f’n break. Your rich talented and like stupid guys who like girls who put up with their garbage… Can you say both adults, both at fault!!!


  3. andre

    I know that they are young and rich,but they are human everyone makes mistakes.He had no right putting his hands onher at all.I truly hate that the whole thing happened.


  4. haunsu

    Aww… She looks like she just finished crying… I feel so bad for her.


  5. Zetta

    Leave this girl alone damn. I think she’s been through enough…The media are doing the most right now.


  6. JJ

    was her nose always that big? still looks swollen poor girl..i wonder how this will all play out


  7. Holly

    aww. She’s still depressed about that gay mother fuker? If I were Rihanna I would been happy winning a grammy and having 4 number ones.


  8. Galil (Pinoy baby!!!)

    Happy Riri


  9. the mixx

    yeah she looks like alot is on her mind. maybe thinking if she should go back to chris,or she knows a photographer is watching her so she pulls a stunt to make the world feel more sorry for her ass. if she escaped south, how did the press knows where she’s at?


  10. SMH

    @ Holly, could you be more ignorant? Seriously.


  11. Jauquira k. jackson

    I think that chris and rihanna could of perfint this thing. rihanna things like this are very depressing but a person like me understand that when you love someone that you don’t won’t to levea them and if he say i love you and i will never ever hurt you again.try, go to coulsoling and if it dosen’t work out just pray to god and know that god love you. chris i am so surprized you are one of the top idols in the contry women love you men want to be you. so just one question why rihanna is a beautiful girl she would never went to hurt you she loves you to much sometimes she may be smart at the mouth but you never put YOUR HANDS ON A OTHER WOMEN! its like ike and tina ike hits tina and she goes back to him cause she loves him and when she had enoght she kick his behind do you think that she would maybe and maybe not but we never know!!!!


  12. BeeBee

    yo don’t get me wrong but she has a big nose!!…


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