Chris Brown and Rihanna Leave Miami

Chris Brown

Despite the negative media attention, Chris Brown enjoyed some fun in the sun this weekend. The “Run It!” singer was seen riding a jet ski on Miami Beach’s Star Island before he and Rihanna jetted off on Sunday.

Brown was with his on-again girlfriend staying at one of Diddy’s Miami homes after the couple reunited last week.

The 19-year-old pop star was seen driving a Jeep Wrangler while an unidentified male shielded his face with an Apple laptop.

Later that night, the couple was sighted boarding a private jet at a Miami airport surrounded by security personnel. Rihanna covered up her face with sunglasses and a sweatshirt. The plane later arrived in Los Angeles.

Photo credit: Chris Brown Online

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  1. joey

    i think i am neither a fan of either one


  2. dlady03

    I have seriously lost respect for her. But its her life and this is the way she wants to be loved so.. Oh well. I don’t support weak women.


  3. Holly

    Ha Ha Ha. What a laugh. Who wants to touch and kiss somebody who put you in the hospital? Frankly, I hate them two.


  4. carl

    Who is going to support her after this? NOT me! She has done what every woman in her situation dreads. Going back to her ex after he whooped her ass. He will only do it again RiRi.

    Who is starting to think this is a publicity stunt gone wrong? ME!


  5. Giselle

    After being physically abused, to go back with that person…I just don’t get it. Did she not see her face? It is her BUSINESS, but a lot of young girls look up to her. I think that’s sending the wrong message to young women and men, fans or not.


  6. Colleen

    I think her name should be Ritarded not Rihanna! For something like that to happen to her and for it to be so public and she is taking him back…wow! This is the worst case of a celebrity woman being desperate….Did she not see what her face look like after he beat the hell out of her?

    All I am saying is..the next time he beats her (and he will) it should be considered public worthiness..meaning, it should not be even reported or heard of on any news….she should just take her beating and be quiet…because as we all know she is going to run right back to him….right, Ritarded, I mean Rihanna..Thought you was a yawd gal???

    Let’s get back to what is really important..Jobs and the economy!


  7. Sequoia

    I think that the reason she is back there so soon is because she knows that he was not trying to beat her down but was probably defending himself. She had a lot to do with this fight so he is not the only guilty one and this is evidence of that. Still its domestic abuse..and she clearly thinks its a lot more fun than we understand. The girl clearly is a NUT!!! I think HE should get the heck away from her before she completely ruins HIM!!!


  8. chrihanna 4lyf

    people can just u SHUT UP 4 at least 1 minute about this whole role model thing cuz its really starting to do my head in
    just enjoy her music
    her music is her music
    and her persinal life is her personal life

    as 4 chris he made mistake like all of us do he deserves a second chance
    and same goes for him
    just enjoy his music.

    p.s totally random i know looks real sexy in dem picz


  9. nickd

    oh gosh

    thats a terrible mistake that she made.

    agree with the other comments.

    but it is her business, hopefully they wont find her with broken limbs or anything next time.

    and he seems too proud and happy in the sun, ‘yo yo i am chrissy breezy the mighty girlfriend beater’


  10. kay

    f*** it ! Brown is a bitch, I just wanna slap his face, 4 me that’s not a man, anyway that’s her business, if she wants it then she wants it, I’m just waiting 4 her next album, for hey Bboy the p**** I lost respect for him, so not going to listen his shit


  11. bass_man

    i mean where are their PR people? this looks HORRIBLE.


  12. chrisfan4eva-eva-eva

    LEAVE CHRIS ALONE DAMNIT! jeez, u act like she just sat there and took it! that bitch ain’t as stupid as you think. she would have swung and bit and whatnot if he was really attacking her. if chris wanted too, he could have knocked her ass out, along with a few teeth. chris is 6’2 and nearly 200 pounds. he could screw her up with one hit. this was all clearly self defense. and the two matching bumps on her forhead (completely and evenly leveled) obviously came from hitting her head on the dashboard or some other shit. the busted lip could have again, come from hitting her head on something, or just from chris elbowing her in order to get her off(i mean come on, only one lip is bruised! that doesn’t come from a punch). the scratches are obviouly another important sign of total self defense. and bitemarks! come on, if they are true, even in girl fights, you only bite if someone is about to twist your finger off or something. USE YOUR BRAINS PPL!
    and P.S.; rihanna is obviously not a rolemodel. just look at her fansite; they have gone completely crazy on her. I saw at least five “FUCK THAT BITCH”s on there. jeez at least chris has about sixty percent of his supporters. i almost feel bad for her.


  13. nicole

    first i really dont believe that someone with no record was gonna get any jail time any way..second dont you think if chris was a women beater would another girl came forward and said he beat her..rihanna and chris are not no ones role models they are entertainers this is their businessi will stil buy their cds if they bring good music if you dont like them then that is your just like this is theirs respect that!!!


  14. samantha

    i agree with Nicole..
    they are only human..
    they are only role models if u make them be one..they are ENTERTAINERS PEOPLE..


  15. Ctown

    She started it. Thats why she back with him. He might need to leave her for she ruin his life or career. I think the gone go their differnt ways in about two months. Chris not crazy if he go back to him make him look good and he came start his career back over he not stupid.


  16. kylie

    its no1s business. rihanna didnt want any1 2 find out about their relationship & jus coz every1 has it duznt mean its ur business. she duznt tel u wot to do with ur life so stay out of hers.

    if they wana b together then thats their business.


  17. Africa 4 Rihanna

    i am from Africa and the hole of africa loves Rihanna AND will support her all the way after what i’ve read i am desappointed about the people who commented they have the nerve to call themselves human beings you talk about RiRi like she is an animal how do u sleep at night? after what she has been through growing up. i am just glad she can’t read your heartless comments i almost busted into tears reading these comments YOU PEOPLE ARE DANM CRUEL MAN, GOD BE WITH YOU..f*** u all bitchs!!!!
    rihanna is simply the best, no matter what you say but she is still hot, at the end of the day she said:” she got no time for hater’s she’s just living her life” so f*** off the only people who can comment and call her names are peolpe who buy her music peolpe who go to her concerts thats the peolpe who have every right to judge her


  18. goons

    is it me or does anyone else think what is going on does not make sense. y is chris acting like nothing happened and y would riri get back with him.. she was on top and now she is beyond being at the bottom.. y would her people let her loose out to this extent if she was innocent..i just have this strong feeling that chris did not hit this girl to the pulp as it has been said and both her and her people know it..i just have this feeling the chris did not do it but lets wait till march the 5th..


  19. KeeKee

    well I think dat rianna was kind of stupid for getting back wit him but I at the same time I think it was a mistake for that to happen. They r really a good couple and I dont think nothing ever will happen between them again. But if it do and she dnt leave him then she is slap stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. mystery

    Yall sound silly. Everybody in life goes through something from time to time, and you wouldnt know how to handle a situation like this unless you was placed in the same boat. So it is funny how you speak on it. Instead of judging you should support her decision and hopes something like this doesnt happen again.


  21. Catie

    Honestly, i never liked either of them and i definitely hate them alot more now. I supported Rihanna after the incident because i felt sympathetic towards her but seriously, how stupid is she? Not only is she sending the wrong message out to young females out there but she’s just making a stupid decision in general.


  22. sweetpea

    Honestly pple, I hve kept quiet thruout this whole saga but I just have to say my bit. Honestly pple, search urselves, a lot of women have been beaten and have gone back to their abusers after a while, even the women who made comments here, I am not saying it is right to abuse anyone but noone knows what would happen once the person u love raise his or her hand at you, apologises and asks to be taken back. Chris might be a first offender and might neva touch her again after this, he made a mistake, I just hope he remains a first offender. Search urselves, don’t judge them yet, they are human and shld be allowed to make their choices. I love their music, i don’t have to love them or place them on a pedestral or something. We should really let it go cuz they have and get back to our daily activities and the next breaking news, lik ereall pple suffering in various countries and real women getting physically assaulted and killed by their men on daily basis


  23. alana

    how if he beat her. why are they still togather?


  24. I hate Hypocrites

    Honestly, most of you people don’t know what its like to be in that kind of situation and for you to pass judgement is sick.

    And if you people have a shed of decency you’d go and support charities that help real women in these situations, it happens and i’ve seen it! most of the people up here dont know about the shit there talking about.
    Anyway I’m doing my bit to help the Rihanna’s of the world and most of the ignorant people above should do too!! < go donate if you think its wrong otherwise shut your mouths.

    in the worlds of kylie “if they wana b together then thats their business.”



  25. tisha king

    i just want to say my heart goes out to rhianna and chris and i love them dearly and i think what happen was a mistake and he really didnt mean it everybody deserves a second chance……. i love you chris and you guys keep your head up….!


  26. Loks

    Yo that Rick Ross party at mansion is goin off right now!!! 4 REAL. His boys at maybach music group just dropped on that tape Miami By Way Of Baltimore 2, sounds fire!!


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