New Music: Keri Hilson f/ T-Pain & Lil Wayne – ‘Turnin’ Me On (Remix)’

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson and T-Pain spit some bars, while Lil Wayne adds a new verse on the official Polow Da Don remix to “Turnin’ Me On.” Ms. Keri will finally release her debut album In a Perfect World… on March 24.

“Just check the credits, ho, and if you want me, you can find me in Decatur, ho,” Keri raps over her chart-topping hit.

Keri Hilson f/ T-Pain & Lil Wayne – “Turnin’ Me On (Polow Da Don Remix)”

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  1. kacie

    i like me some rap/hip hop man i love you dwayne carter i am your biggest fan u keri hilson


  2. bass_man

    All these remixes to this record and none of them have the beat changed… what happened to the real remixes?


  3. i.

    actually really like the song and never paid her attention prior to the song, now im looking out and hope she can go harder… ms. keri baby!


  4. trey



  5. J

    damn, they all kiltt this ish


  6. llgj



    Come on Keri ur not even that famous to go hard on beyonce like that bitch. with ur ugly hair,clothes,songs,now ur attitude…u gone lose a lot being a hater and a shit starter..By the way you flopping album(pushed back a thousands times because not worth shit…with ugly songs) we all know why you coming at BEYONCE(yes bitch we know who ur talking about) ur afraid because you’ll NEVER(and i know they say never say never..but in your case its an exception because it true)be like her u can’t sing that great either bitch, and your dance moves you do are tacky and you look ugly and dumb….sorry just reader you like you act A HATIN’ ASS BITCH….


  7. Catie

    I like Keri Hilson and all but she constantly has the ugliest hairstyles. Seriously, she’s rocking like Carol Brady hair in that picture above.


  8. BayAreaGirl

    LMAO at the haters that’s why as of now Turnin Me On is #25 on Itunes it was #31 a few hours ago it climbed 6 spots today, Get it Keri.


  9. Lil' Nello

    I can’t stand T-Pain but he kind of killed it & damn Keri killed it but I wonder who she going at?! Of course Wayne had to ruin it though!


  10. Jay

    Now I normally don’t get into discussing childish beef, but she bet not be talking bout Cici…if she is, she crazy. Now obviously she is talkin bout Beyonce(she can sing, have some babies, move it to the LEFT) Now hopefully she not talkin bout Ciara with the whole (you can dance and sit down she fadin) I thought she said she and Ciara were cool? She could be talkin bout Britney cause of the whole dancin thing and the fact that she wrote her big hit Gimme More. The song she wrote for Ciara weren’t hits, I don’ think so it can’t be her. And I’m not sure of what songs she wrote for Beyonce that were ground breaking, career defining hits???So the credits thing probably for Brit.

    Now everybody in the game worked hard to get to where they at. These songwriters need to show some respect, cause they come a dime a dozen! Just like that fool johnta austin talkin reckless bout Christina Milian’s career. Last time I checked he been tryin to get on since how long…got like 30 singles out LOL He just mad cause he aint made it like Ne-Yo. Weeeelll write a hit then. :) And to Keri, she need to stay humble, for now a guess and then when she still around for her third album she can show are ass(true colors) Writing #1 hits for other people ain’t the same as sustaining a career in the music biz. I know Keri’s talented, she really need to calm down. Talk ish when you’ve had 2 or 3 platinum albums.

    On the other hand, this could be a publicity stunt. Maybe just to start some hype around her album. If not, Keri please don’t start off saying “I ain’t tryna start no mess” naaaw If you goin talkin ish, be real wit it. Don’t sugar coat it. Any way, that’s all the energy I’m goin waste on this subject. Thought keri was a cool chick. No matter though, I’ll just start check for her again when she get on their level. LOL


  11. Devin

    I don’t think songwriters are a dime a dozen. Not just anybody is good at writing consistent quality hit songs.

    But yes. These lyrics are quite interesting.


  12. Jay

    I hear you man, but think about, you can’t say that every hit- making songwriter has never written a song that wasn’t a hit. I don’t even need to list examples. I mean people(fans) are unpredictable, so that’s why I say no one should be so full of themselves. You don’t always know what the people(fans) are gonna like or buy. And What I meant was that there is always another SONGWRITER, MUSIC/MOVIE PRODUCER, MAKEUP, HAIRSTYLIST, VIDEO DIRECTOR, RAPPER, SINGER, CLOTHING DESIGNER, BASKETBALL/FOOTBALL PLAYER ETC. that’s waiting to take your place. And they could if the, us the PEOPLE decide. Nothing last forever, money fame, cars, success it can all disappear like, THAT! All the stuff we have, we can’t take when we leave this earth. It’s inevitable. We’re all gonna get old and pass on. That applies to everybody. That’s exactly why I treat others the same as I would wanna be treated. I ain’t no push over though and I stand up when needed. But it takes way more strength to just turn the other cheek, then to just cuss somebody out. Hatin on others and startin beef just ain’t worth. Some have even lost their lives and then what? What did that gain? I though Keri was more mature than this, but I guess I really don’t know her. She should just be grateful she has a job and that she made it big. It ain’t easy to get to where she at right now. And some of us don’t even have jobs.

    And the only reason I said songwriters because that’s what she moving from to an recording artist. That’s all I gotta say…even though that was a lot. sorry LOL

    OBAMA baby!!!!


  13. oh yes

    beyoncé is not the FUC!CIN’ centre of the world.


  14. kandice

    i love this song alot


  15. owned

    I’m glad she dissed beyawnce…<—-chick is mad phony and a a.s.s kisser. any one that supports beyawnce is the same.


  16. tweedee

    Well All i am gonna say iz u are turnin me off.!!! and i am a diva!!!!!! yeah my girl jammin so go to the left


  17. cherry

    First of all, keri wish she could fuck with beyonce and ciara. who tha fuck she think she is with that big ass nose and e.t. head. Anyway she is a fucken hater and so is tha motha fuckas ridin keri for pullin that corny shit. real thoro women never hate. keri if you gonna come at bitches make sure you built like that to do so….


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