The-Dream Calls Diddy Record ‘One of the Biggest’

The-Dream and Diddy

The-Dream is packing his Louis Vuitton bags and boarding Diddy’s Last Train to Paris.

The singer-songwriter has recorded a song called “Change” with the music mogul for his sixth studio album Last Train to Paris. “This record I wrote two nights ago. It’s [going to be] one of the biggest I ever wrote,” he tells Entertainment Weekly.

The Bad Boy CEO impressed Dream with his singing ability. “Diddy sang the record gracefully. He really pulled it off, and he really surprised me. Because it’s Puff, nobody expects it. [But] he’s got the goods.”

“Change” isn’t the only record the Radio Killa is hyping. He told that his collaboration with Kanye West, “Walkin’ on the Moon,” has been described as “bigger than ‘Umbrella’” by Island Def Jam Chairman L.A. Reid.

Last Train to Paris is scheduled for release on September 22, while The-Dream’s sophomore album Love vs. Money arrives March 10.

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  1. carl

    Oh please.


  2. joey

    i hope its better than walkin on the moon lmao


  3. bass_man

    lol joey


  4. brett

    Radio Killa, yall haters man. i agree walkin on the moon let me down a little, but rockin’t that shit is steadily climbing, its currently 27 on the Hot 100. and 4 on the Hot Hip/Hop& R&B 100. My Love ft. Mariah was just released on itunes ( finally ) and will now will be able to chart. I think My Love and in a few months walkin on the moon both will do well. plus Sweat it out is a great record man! The-Dream deff talkin and has big shoes to fill but i think he puts his money where his mouth his for the most part, give the boy some due creed. dont forget some of the number 1′s this guy made, umbrella, bed, touch my body. RADIO KILLA.


  5. Nick

    Oh please, the Dream is finally getting some fame and he continues to talk out of his ass about how big something is going to be when it just turns out to be trash.


  6. Catie

    Nick, i agree,

    “Walking on the Moon” is not even close to being as good as “Umbrella”. The Dream needs to stop building his records up when they are not meeting expectations.


  7. LVDON

    The-Dream is the hottest artist doin it!! END OF


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