Keri Hilson Denies Dissing Ciara and Beyoncé

Keri Hilson and Ciara

Keri Hilson is shooting down rumors that she is taking shots at Ciara or Beyoncé on her remix to “Turnin’ Me On.”

The leaked remix to Keri’s chart-topping single features the lyrics, “Your vision cloudy if you think that you the best/ You can dance, she can sing, but need to move it to the left/ She need to go have some babies/ She need to sit down, she fake … Go ’head and tell these folks how long I’ve been writing your songs/ I been putting you on/ Just check the credits, ho, and if you want me, you can find me in Decatur, ho.”

Immediately, blogs started speculating that Keri was dissing Beyoncé or Ciara. The singer-songwriter called in to Atlanta radio station V103 to put the rumors to rest, while Ciara and Polow Da Don were in-studio.

“I just want to tell Ciara it’s not about you,” said the “Like a Boy” songwriter. “People are just reading way too far into it. People take things and make it what they want it to be. It wasn’t taking shots at nobody.”

Ciara calmly responded, “Cool… I guess everybody is here to listen to what Keri said and I take it for that. From my end, it’s always been nothing but love for you. I was very happy for you to get where you are.”

Hilson returned the love. “I know that’s sincere. It is the same coming from me when I tell you that I’m proud of you. I’ve always meant that and I always do mean that. I’ve watched it from ground zero with you.”

“I’m not jealous of anybody’s career,” added Keri. “We are all like the same thing. Keyshia’s on my album. I’ve worked with Ciara many times. I’m a fan of Beyoncé’s.”

Then who is the song about? “It’s anybody that ever tried to take me down and didn’t want to see me succeed,” explained Ms. Keri. “I’m not gonna call their names because I feel I’ve addressed it.”

Listen to the full interview below.

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  1. m-saw



  2. Giselle

    This whole situation is so childish. When you really think about it, why would Keri diss either one of them? Especially considering that she’s a new artist who’s trying to make a name for herself. If she really had something to say I would hope she would say it to them personally. People need to think.


  3. Dz

    I think Keri is so fake. I don’t like her anymore. I was rootin for her but not after this. And to the person who said she didn’t write Like A Boy is right. She’s part of The Clutch yes. Which consists of 5 members. If at least three of them help write a song then the credit is given to The Clutch.


  4. Catie

    I know Keri denies it being about Beyonce but it’s pretty obvious that the part about sitting down and having kids is towards Beyonce. Whether or not she meant it seriously is another story.


  5. drtash

    Please…I don’t believe her for a second. I mean what was all that crap about you can dance she can sing…to the left to the left, and it was sooo out of place in the song coz its not even supposed to be about another female anyway. If anything this is a MAJOR publicity stunt. She’s trying to get some shine by bringing beyonce and Ciara into it, coz if you don’t know, the name Beyonce gets a lot of attention, even when it ain’t supposed to be all about her (e.g. Cadillac Records). Either way I’ve lost ALL respect for her coz if she was soo hot, she wouldn’t have to do this. I thought she had some class oh well. It’s like what Akon did when he dissed Christina by calling her a copycat to promote Lady Gaga. That’s the lowest of the low in advertising IMO.


  6. BayAreaGirl

    Keri never named any names in the remix so how in the hell is it supposed to be a publicity stunt dissing someone would make ppl not like her why would she sacrifice her career for a damn pub. stunt when she aint even got her feet off the ground as an artist yet. Keri shake the hate & the haters off & keep grinding, can’t wait 2 buy In A Perfect World… March 24th, 09


  7. dynamo

    I saw the entire interview on and the v103 dj and polow da don are some shady people. They had ciara come to the radio station thinking she was gonna talk about her album and they used her to promote keri hilson’s album and for the dj guy to get some ratings. Ciara should have left.


  8. BayAreaGirl

    She needs to sit down and have kids with Jay for his ass turn 75 & cant have kids anymore lol. But once she has kids & comes back with a new cd her music will really say something then she’ll really impress ppl & have something good & meaningful to sing about. She better have them babies for Jay or i’ll have em for him, lol j/p


  9. !watevaisayistrue!

    @ DRTASH whatever your name is. Your a dumbass for listening to all three of those songs and not hearing any of those females mention a name. But all of a sudden Keri HAS called someone out because you and all the other blog losers wanted her to. Bottom line is she didn’t mention any names just like Ciara and Beyonce didn’t. Maybe you all got upset because you think she is a threat or something it is beyond me especially since I didn’t hear Beyonce or Ciara’s name in that verse. And how many other people have used to the left to the left in a verse. I know lil wayne did in his song with babyface, was that a diss to Beyonce? Grow up. Keri is making her own lane with her own style of music just like wayne did by switching up his flow. People scared for artist to do something out of the ordinary and thats why music sucks nowadays. The thing Keri has over both of them in my opinion is that she makes songs that females can relater too and some that males can as weil instead of making female anthems. I mean its cool and all but we know Keri has more str8 male and females fans and that those other 2 have more women and homosexuals, just look at all those peeps who made response videos to defend B and C and to hate on Keri, they all were pretty soft if you ask me. God has blessed us with a female who appeals to us who makes more than just shake yo ass in the club and female/gay anthem bullshit. For everyone who isn’t buying the album there is someone out there that will. Keri already has crossover whith races by having a #1 single with TIMBO so she don’t need yall haters. If you all want to praise a queen you need to be praising Taylor Swift because at 16 she kicking all these hoes down check the charts Bitches.

    Team Keri BITCHES!

    love it ez ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    TERAM KERI ! ! ! ! ! !


    SHARECE Reply:

    @!watevaisayistrue!, shut up stank b**** TEAM BEYONCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F*** KERI U.G.L.Y ASS SHE A WANNA BE BEYONCE AN CIARA FUCK YOU FA LIKIN KERI BOTH OF YALL GO TA HOE HELL HAHAH


  10. CJYZ

    Your In Denial!! Either Your Deaf Or Stupid YOU & Pollow Rusty Ass & Keri KNOWS She Was Talking About Bey & Ci Ci Even In The Video Of The Interview Ciara Had That Expression On Her Face That She Was Hearing & Smelling Bullshit The B*tch Was Tryna Be Cocky For Getting Her 1st Top 20 Hit & She Tried To Come At Beyonce & Ciara But Got Backlash & Bad Press From EVERYONE! Now Her Sales Are Gonna Do Even Worst! I Hate Liars She Couldn’t Even Explain Herself But It All Sounded Like Lies
    Girl Boo Trying To Be Like 50 Cent Sit That Mushroom Head Down Hoe!She Gonna Get The ***52,000 Copies 1st Week Waive***


  11. yaya

    look at ya comment see what she means. ya feed way tooo much into it. I do believe it wasn’t about ciara cause they seem mutual friends which is why Ciara was confused and was like it is about me then its shoking. Maybe it was aim towards Beyonce but she’s right there are alot of famous people expecially females who’s been tryna bring Keri down from the min she said she was gonna drop an album, those lines could be anyone


  12. Galil (Pinoy baby!!!)

    I’m with Keri cause damn she is hooot.


    imani Reply:

    @Galil (Pinoy baby!!!), dumb ass f*** keri she look like a lair an she is one beyonce ciara and ray plus lady gaga is number one#


  13. kim

    um the girl with the long essay, im respondin to you, even tho i didnt read all of that shit but please explain to me..

    she can sing
    she can dance
    shes getting old
    she need to move to the left

    obvious she was tryin to call SOMEONE out. it dint come out her ass just because..think girl, maybe u are keri yourself tryin to save a non-started career


  14. kim

    and i put you on, check the credits hoe? keri aint slick


  15. Jay

    I just had to say something. I smell a rat. Go over to and take a look at the actual interview. I don’t know any of them, but to me Polow seems a little guilty about something. Just watch his face…he can barely look at Cici. How the heck could he not come to her if he knew bout the song coming out, if they’re soooo close. Sounds a little weird to me. I think Keri was venting, but I also think it was about who we think it was about. Sometimes people make fun of others in the heat of the moment, even when they are friends with them. You can even tell by Keri’s voice that she was nervous. Talkin bout she just got out the studio…really? lol And how the heck they goin say it was a general diss to whomever…that’s BS! That verse was clearly directed towards specific girls. Apparently towards the top girls out right now. The whole she can dance, you can sing thing, it’s obvious. And then saying “I don’t need to say names, they know who they are” exactly they do now!

    Any way, I think Ciara should reevaluate the “Friends” in her life. I’ve had people that I worked with, that seemed so cool for years, but the whole time they were all makin fun of me behind my back. It hurt at first, but I gotta say I was really glad to find out. It’s good when people show they butt…lets you know how they really feel. This might be a sign. Not saying Ciara should just drop those people, but definitely be careful around them. I call people like that Wolves in Sheeps clothing. Just like in that Lauryn Hill song “Forgive Them Father.” You just never know sometimes. I personally will always have Cici’s back and wish her the best. This bout to be her year, with the tour, the album and more great things to come. If I were her, I would just move on ahead and not pay them any attention. Definitely not respond to that crap. Cici’s to big for that. Still, after something like this coming out, she should watch who’s around her even more. Not to be paranoid lol, but just be cautious. Love you Ciara!


  16. Don Jay

    I agree with whoever said that polow tha don had a lot to do with this “leak”. Anywayz I believe that Keri’s verse is directed towards a female artist (Beyonce and/or Ciara). It’s jus to obvious. The lyrics have nothing to do with the original song. I like Keri and all but Im a beyonce stan all the way! She betta look in the mirror and recognize that although she has been writing for numerous artist (majority of them have been within the clutch) she is still an upcoming artist. This is a tacky and old stunt to pull,especially for a female singer. Don’t expect to hear a response “Ms.Decatur”. Beyonce and Ciara are to classy for that.


  17. sweetness

    look i dont think keri said a name so please shut the fuck up about the situation i mean really what the hell are u go do about it…not a damn thing and DZ…please get a life 4 all we know u r a fake


  18. Kashe

    Who is Keri Hilson?



  19. BayAreaGirl

    HAHAHAH i laugh at all the hater cuz u cant & wont be able to do what Keri, Ciara, or Beyonce has done for themselves in this industry & cuz Keri is doing her thang & is still here & is not worried about cd sales cuz she already is paid & makes more $$$$ from her writing than a couple of cd’s that she will only get 15 cents from.


  20. Dz

    Yes I’m a big ol fake sweetness. Why don’t you shoot me and keri?


  21. Keri Hilson Fan

    OK now to be honest. I believe and I’m sure that this refers to Ciara and beyonce. It’s obvious. Just look at the facts. BUT WHO CARES?? Is keri wrong?? NO everything she says is right in her song!!
    If people can’t handle the truth, they better shut up.

    LUV Ya Keri!!


  22. jaidoe

    keri bite off more than she could chew.. Sounds like she had a lot bottled up hate for writing a couple hits and couldnt get on herself… She finally got own and vented….and caught a lot of hate…

    Some bloggers are funny love to hate Bey… but hate those that dis her.. lol lol …


  23. CHEWI

    point blank 4 me iz…keri iz da shit n she bout 2 switch up da game!!!!
    she a boss n whoeva she waz talkin bout….iz bout 2 start hate’n
    cause diz bitch iz bout 2 take ova da game


  24. Mae

    Wat the fuck wrong wit ya’ll! She was obviously talking about Beyonce and Ciara! And even if she wasn’t, she aint nobody special to be dissing ANYBODY. SHE need to go have some babies and pick a new damn career cuz after this aint nobody gone buy her album except for her family and a few idiots. Her vision cloudy if she think her singing career gone last.


  25. Evie

    i think keri hilson is a damn liar..if she wasnt talking about them then who was she talking about..i hate how people talk crap and then lie when they get approached…How she gonna talk shit about ciara when she tried to look like her in that turin me off video..she is not taking off no game just cause she made a few good songs. If you gonna go hard and talk bullshit then go all the way keri. i use to like her until she made that song. I dont know what sheriff she shoot.I WOULDNT SCREAM AT HER CONCERTS, but then again she dont have enough songs for one.Yu can keep ur autograph chick. Beyonce is too pretty and calm to be in that ghetto ass drama, and she’s mature for not responding to a child telling her to have kids. Why the hell does it matter what she having..get from between her legs and out of her ass. Make a song that doesnt get old in two weeks. I dont respect haters, and KERI IS A HATER!!!


  26. She's LAme

    Keri shut up and straighten that mushroom head of yours. Before you take a hit out on somebody you need to learn how to dance and look presentable in a video. I use to respect you. But like Jayz said ” its like when niggas make subliminal messages, if it aint directed directly at me I DONT RESPECT IT”.


  27. GOKERI

    Keri Go! You are pretty and hot! Lots of love for Ciara too. Beyawwwwnce does need to go away so I really hope the lyrics were about her. Its time for someone real to take over.


  28. ci

    Ok yea she didn’t say namez but its kinda obvious ….example timberland was like “I get a million for my beats you get a couple grand” every1 knew he was talkin bout scotch storch like seriously if ur trynna be successful. You shouldn’t have to scoop to that level.and she shouldn’t b talkin bout ciara when she was rhe 1st 1 trynna cop her style in turnin me on . When she got called out on the whole situtation she was shook lmaooo


  29. ME

    She lien she was talking about them and i don’t like her anyways cause to me she try to be like ciara and she is really hatin on ciara and beyonce,she just want they fam but she could never have it because she can’t dance like ciara and she can’t dance or sing like beyonce. kayne west and neyo made her new song sound good if everyone notice she always got someone else on her song with her so that it could sound good but beyonce and ciara got many of songs with only them on it and who else could she be talking about ain’t nobody out that is hot as them two right now it’s not even that many female single artist thats hitting the charts that she could be talking about. so what she telling rehinna,mary j, brittney spears,and monica to go have some babies hell naw she talking about beyonce and when she say “she Dance” she talking about ciara because don’t none of the really try to dance but Brittney she a scarey ass lier she say one thing than bit her words to the people she really talking aboout her music is not bad but it do not compare to beyonce and ciara so keri stop hating and trying to beef with the two baddest in the game so you can get attention and fam


  30. shelby

    All yall needa shut tha hell up.. keri right somebody gotta say sumthin ta tha bitches that think they tha shit.. i mean hell Beyonce came back at her with a song yall aint jumpin her ass!!!??? n she wanna bring up tha one hit wonder hell!! keri sings one song n she bigger than Beyonce… HA Dumb ass burned herself


  31. Daveo

    LOL nice one Keri, diss the two divas at the top of their game. Come back when you’ve gone multi-platinum, maybe then we’ll care about what you have to say.


  32. michele

    “I ain’t tryin’ to start no mess there’s just something on my chest that I need to get off…Your vision cloudy if you think you the best. You can dance, she can sing, but need to move it ‘to the left’.”
    “She need to go have some babies. She need to sit down she fading.”
    “Go head tell these folks how long I been writing your songs… I been putting you on… check the credits hoe!…If you want me you can find me in Decatur hoe.”

    You can listen to Keri Hilson’s interview denying the diss track after the jump.

    if your gonna diss someone so specifically get a back done and stick to it! didnt she see obessed ? beyonce would kick this bitches’s ass! ‘recognize a real woman?’ u look like a lil ass girl in high school hatin ciara would outdance her ass any day she needs to focus on her own damn career if she has one left cus she’s turnin ppl off with all her shit talkin!
    I liked Keri Hilson’s music until she tried to up her game by dissing beyonce and ciara here are the lyrics its fuckin clear she was dissing them “she need to have kids, sit down shes a fake move to the le..(shawty dont do it to em tpain) ” the was to the left if she had the balls to finish it yet on the radio and in the media she said it wasnt to anyone specific sounds pretty damn specific to anyone w ears then keri said it was to girls who didnt want to see her own top?!? BEYONCE is on top w being n the game longer, she paved the way for her followers, having the rap lengend of the game as her husband, her clothing line and sucessful acting career, b aint worried about that bitch shes a grown ass woman. keri needs to be thankful and bow down cuz beyonce is on top bc she didnt get famous by hatin on other ppl she lost alotta of fans over this and she shouldve let her talent set her apart nto her jealousy. b is succesful bc she represents for women with class and an actual body not like keri flat petite ass so she needs to stop hatin and if b even does have kids shell STILL bounce back and be chart toppin and grabbin grammys over keri’s bony puss ass! she needs to know her role and say sorry like she did on the radio and dont get froggy if the hoe cant jump women shouldnt be hatin on other women yet congratulating their success shes ridiculous and has alot of growin to do …actually yet she aint beyonce and hatin her wont ever make her b or ciara with that haircut i see why she’s mad! lol JOKE









  35. MZ.BOO-BOO



  36. G-nectar

    i lv u keri but now u make me chose btwn u n ciara bt one thing 4 shw i wil go for ciara n b.i m ciara’s no 1 fan.


  37. Rolandra

    I think that she is lying because she kept hisitating to answer alot of questions and she also was trying to explain hersels tooo much.


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  39. justin

    What song did keri write for beyonce coz love in the club ain’t a beyonce song. And to prove how ratchet this heifer is, google her feet.. That’s scary ass freddy kruger looking feet..


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