Video: Electrik Red – ‘So Good’

Electrik Red

Naomi, Sarah, Lesley, and Binkie paint the town Electrik Red in the colorful, Melina-directed video for “So Good” off their debut album How to Be a Lady: Volume 1 (April 21).

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  1. Lil' Nello

    Real good video & track I can’t wait for their album! Plus it sure helps that they look as fine as they do to! But this video doesn’t got nothing on their other video Friend Lover they just came out with! Still Good though no pun intended!


  2. Kyle

    I saw this on MTV Hits yesterday and was surprised that it was the first place where I would see this video. But it’s really hot and I cannot wait for this album. I hope it doesn’t get pushed back 237338873 times.


  3. jam12094

    this vid is soo kool!
    i loove these qurls
    the explicit version is betta

    with the dream behind them
    they can go farr
    but they r new so u prolly never
    know where theyll qo?

    hope the best
    im lovin meh some electrik red!


  4. Catie

    Kyle, i saw it there for the first time too, haha.

    Honestly, this group has the same formula as the PCD (one lead singer, the rest just dance and look pretty).

    We need girl groups out again like the Spice Girls and Danity Kane where each girl actually had a personality and each contributed in their own way.


  5. jj3308

    Man…..I have to say ever since I heard thier 1st single(buzz single) “drink n my cup”..I’ve been watching for this group..they r really talented(dancing and singing)…All thier songs that have leaked have been HOTTT…FOLKS I CAN HONESTLY SAY “THIS IS OUR NEW HIT GIRL GROUP”…Im about to promote APRIL 21ST HOW TO BE A LADY(“So Good” is on my vm lol)


  6. luvinmusic

    this a nice video they a good group i seen them live these chicks got it im not gonna hate


  7. Rachel



  8. Tee-Tee

    song is hot
    outfits are cool
    video is wack


  9. LaMont

    I’m not feelin’ them at all.All they are is a bunch of video vixens put together to form a pop group all because they look good.The music industry is so fuck up right now.Why don’t they find some artist that can actually sing?


  10. kasia

    Daaaang, great great song!!! The music is so healing and soft. Beautiful fresh video. Loving the colors and the dance moves, GO GIRLS!!!!


  11. dale23

    i knew i recognized those girls! They were back-up dancers for Ciara in her “Like A Boy” video…i don’t know about ALL of em being in it, but i know the one to the far left in the top picture (above the video) was definitely a dancer for Ciara.


  12. patrice342

    The bar has been set so LOW for groups to make it these days its RIDICULOUS! find 4 pretty faces- 1 of which will only be used for talent (or to hold a melody)slap a ill songwriter on them and BAM- this is our finished product?? Of course it is..a group of women that lack VOCAL ability. hell according to this song I CAN BLLOOOOOOWWWWW! and i cant sing fo SHIT! (keepin it real) it hurts how low the bar has been set. i say- E-RED come out wit a 4 part harmony on youtube to showcase how a “singing”group is SUPPOSED to be done b4 you ladies try to fill a void of the missing “girl group” not hating- im just keeping it real to all of the SWV lovers, the En Vogue lovers, the X-SCAPE, TLC, Destiny CHILD lovers!! damn, im getting mad typing what REAL talent sound like..


  13. patrice342

    For all the SWV lovers, x-scape lovers, TLC, Destiny’s Child, En Vouge lovers, VANITY 6 lovers,- DO NOT disrespect those groups that have paved the way by comparing them to this trash… i just had to add- that this is NOT what we should xpect in our 2009-2010 girl group…its pathetic. can these chicks hold a 4 part harmony and blow us away> from the sound of this song- its is only 1 singer singing everything and 3 other pretty chicks faking like they singing adlibs…
    damn- the bar has been set so low


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