Pull Quote: The-Dream’s Sky-High Splurge


“Mariah Carey took me up in her private jet last week. It was like: Ooooooh! I’ve got to get me one of these. Because now that I’ve got a taste, I’m never going back. I’m going to fly this thing everywhere—to L.A., to Atlanta, to New York. I’m going to fly this thing down the street and park it outside your apartment.”

–The-Dream reveals his next big purchase to The New York Times. The singer-songwriter will have more money to spend when he releases his new album Love vs. Money this Tuesday.

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  1. Giselle

    Make a few more #1 hits, then buy you one. lol


  2. nae

    Urggh please save the money for vocal lessons and slim fast


  3. dee

    OMG @ Nae’s comment. Priceless.
    That is how rappers’ go broke. MC has been doing this for 20 years…you just started. Invest your money in something that will create wealth.


  4. Randy C

    L.A. Reid needs to be relieved of his duties for thinking Walkin on The Moon will even compare to Umbrella, and this monkey thinks it will be bigger. 100 of 100 people that don’t speak a word of english would be able to tell you that and the head of a label can’t. If he was spending my money I would have fired his ass yesterday. No wonder he ran the label he came from into the ground.


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