Donald Trump Tells Rihanna to Ditch Chris Brown


Rihanna may have taken Chris Brown back, but if the “With You” singer was working in Donald Trump’s boardroom, he would have told him, “You’re fired!”

The real estate tycoon, who is known for his outspokenness, shared his two cents on the Chris Brown-Rihanna incident with “Inside Edition.”

“She better get the hell out,” said the star of NBC’s “The Apprentice.” “If she goes back, she’s a loser, and she doesn’t deserve to have any future success.”

The Donald is not the only powerful businessperson to be questioned about Chris Brown and Rihanna. Last Friday, Oprah Winfrey shared her feelings on the situation with her viewers.

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  1. Keith Carey

    It Kinda Been Alot More Worser,He Kinda Had Killed Rihanna!


  2. SMH

    And? Do people not realize that running their mouth and talking bad about the both of them will only push them closer together?


  3. Kidkrazy

    Keith Carey – You don’t even deserve to comment on any other story for the rest of life, your grammar is AWFUL!


  4. Dawn Breaker

    There are visitors from other countries I’m sure who aren’t that well in writing english so leave Keith alone.

    Well Donald said what most were thinking. If she does go back with him those nice endorsements that come with the nice pay checks will only be a nice memory of the past. I know she still loves him but for the sake of thier careers which in Music biz ALWAYS comes first, they should not be together.


  5. BP86

    I think Donald is right. If she’s gonna go back to him, she’s stupid. BUT then again if she is back with him, then drop the charges against him and give him is wrigley’s gum commercial back. lol shit. I mean, obviously if she’s going back then she must not be THAT innocent to the whole thing. She might have had a hand in getting her own ass beat. Rihanna’s no weak girl. Stupid, yes, but not weak. So how are we expected to hate Chris Brown if she’s not willing to do that herself.


  6. AC

    What I think happen is CBrown snapped.. A lot of women think they can just slap men around and get away with it, because they know we wont call the cops, otherwise we are looking like losers.. Tell Donald I’ll challenge him to Pay Per View boxing match to shut him up!! He is always getting in other folks business, nobody cares what he thinks!!!


  7. Catie

    As much as i dislike Donald Trump, i couldn’t agree more with him.


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