Video Teaser: Keri Hilson ‘Makes Love’ to Kanye West

Keri Hilson gets hot and steamy with Kanye West in the viral commercial for her debut album In a Perfect World… The clip features “Make Love,” a new song off the album. Don’t get confused though… Kanye is not on this particular track.

’Ye is featured on “Knock You Down” with Ne-Yo, which can be listened to on Rap-Up Radio to the right.

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  1. Yan

    I’m confused. This gonna be a single?


  2. Kyd

    Nah its just promo


  3. !watevaisayistrue!

    love it im glad they promoting the hell out of her ! ! ! ! ! ! !! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! !


  4. mad

    wtf girls want kanye west now?


  5. Giselle

    Can’t wait for her album!


  6. UNE (305)

    keri keri keri, u got my mind goin 100 miles per hour. she really wants someone to have baby to that song doesnt she lol…?


  7. Lil' Nello

    Love the song & video a lot although that it was kind of short! And of course all of us dudes wish we where Ye right there! You lucky bastard Ye lol!



    i luv the song and the video man! Keri is going hot with her album nd kanye get in there!!!

    Luv KERI HILSON , U GO GIRL! !:):)


  9. love bee

    I HATE her hair its annoying


  10. kyra

    All I’ve to say is WTF?????


  11. Kyle

    This song is hot! Polow of course did the beat. Can’t wait for the album!


  12. Catie

    Mad, no, we do not want Kanye now, haha. Trust me on that.


  13. hasan twalib

    u know what i do realy appliciety u keri and ihope ua album is going hit buddy


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