Cassie and Diddy Make ‘Bad Boy Classic’

Cassie and Diddy

Cassie is back with a “Bad Boy classic joint” featuring Diddy called “Must Be Love.” The buzz record is off her as-yet-untitled sophomore album, tentatively scheduled for July. Watch Puff and Cass in the studio mixing the record.

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  1. UNE (305)

    he sounded like he was talkin about cassie on this recorded….lol…hmmmm, i wonder lol


  2. Mark

    Still trying? FLOP.


  3. Anthony

    ^^^^ STFU Hater … u know u wish u were her


  4. Jeffo

    we need a new artist who speaks the truth with a voice to go along with it. i love Cassie but rap-up needs to be on top of Skye Taylor. If I’m late then sorry, but i just heard her song today.


  5. UNE (305)

    error corrected:he sounded like he was talkin about cassie on this record…lol..but cassie has always been beautiful and classy though, so i see why.


  6. kyladreamsmusic

    Won’t stop cause we can’t stop. It’s passion, it’s a grind. I respect that. Been a Bad Boy fan since I was a kid.


  7. Tripple-A

    Diddy keeps pushing his shady ass into the limelight, fucking up the splits of a song and therefore the publishing of artists. His voice isn’t required on god damn every Bad Boy song, even its his label. fuck that. and Cassie is super wack anyway


  8. dan

    what is diddy doing? the song is not that good…

    cassie…mh i liked her first cd…but she is like…nothing…her voice is not something i want to hear, its not special…she lives from beats…and her voice fit into songs like me & u, where you dont really need to sing…

    but thats it


  9. Charly_boy83

    I’m feeling the beat, definitely a club banger I can see me and my chicas dancin to this beat cauzin heat. POW! Mr. Combs/Cassie if you get to read this, I have one request please produce a track that has a fillipino flavor to it. Gotta represent your roots to u kno!



  10. tania

    jus check dat skye song and its official she is coming hard….not sure if i ever saw her on rap-up but i like it


  11. Bijan

    I like it. Cassie really has a passion, I respect her for continuing


  12. Catie

    Eh, it sounds dated. Diddy’s corny rap verses do no help either.


  13. Catie



  14. Anne

    i love it!!!


  15. sosicc_witswagga

    i love cassie she is so damn fuccin sexy n beautiful and i dont care what anybody say or think about cassie but i love her music and i mos def like and gonna love this song


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