Solange Shoots Down LeToya Luckett Comparisons

Solange and LeToya Luckett

Solange has responded to criticism that LeToya Luckett is jacking her style.

LeToya’s video for “Not Anymore” is set during the 1960s Motown era, which has drawn comparisons to the image portrayed by Solange with her SoL-AngeL and The Hadley St. Dreams project. After photos from the Bryan Barber-directed video debuted on, blogs started saying LeToya was biting BeyoncĂ©’s sister’s style.

“I think LeToya looks GREAT in her new video… You people are REACHING!” Solange wrote on her Twitter page. “I see LeToya every once in a while, around and about, and it’s nothing but LOVE.”

She went on to dispute the similarities. “I recorded the influence of the ’60s sound 4 YEARS AGO and that now it’s very common in R&B music and visuals. That ain’t MY sound.”

The “I Decided” singer is working on her next album, which will be similar to the downbeat sounds found on SoL-AngeL’s “Cosmic Journey,” “Slow This Bird,” and “God Given Name.”

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  1. Keke Luvsu

    I guess honey!!!!

    I still loved LeToya’s video. Even though I would like to see the mini-movie since that’s who it was created. I hope that leaks soon.



    SOLOFLOP was talking about LeToya because she saw how hot the video is and how supa dupa fly LeToya looks and just like her insecure sister, can’t stand a little competition.

    She wrote that catty knowles crap on her Twitter page a day after the release of LeToya’s fabulous video.

    SOLOFLOP is only cleaning up her oral diarrhea because the backlash is against her and not gorgeous LeToya.

    SOLOFLOP is stupid and ignorant and Twitters and frequents blogs and messageboards because she has nothing better to do and craves attention.

    Having Daniel didn’t earn daddy’s and mommy’s love, so now she has to resort to throwing mic stands, overdosing on Nyquil, disrespecting journalists, and being shady toward LeToya.

    Bitter flop ugly peasant bitch!


    living4it Reply:

    @SOLOFLOP, you clearly can’t read…cause you didn’t just read the same article the rest of us read. and you clearly don’t have Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams, cause there’s a song on there that any and everyone can connect to. so stop trying to hate like you know her. it ain’t cute.


  3. Giselle

    I wasn’t even gonna say anything but this is ridiculous! She has nerve to say someone stole her style? She stole Amy Winehouse style, so who’s really swagger jacking?

    Keep promoting that album that nobody bought.


  4. Tone7077

    Giselle “CAN YOU READ” she said “YOU PEOPLE ARE REACHING” meaning it’s a rumor and it’s not that serious She said she “GOT NOTHING BUT LOVE FOR LETOYA” and “IT’S NOT MY SOUND” please read before making stupid comments


  5. agreed

    i agree with the comment above. read before you pass judgments people, it’s a healthy thing to practice.


  6. Giselle

    I didn’t read that part of her statement, therefore I take back half of what I said. It’s never that serious, calm down!


  7. LOL

    Quote by Solange on twitter

    “i remember being n Idaho 4 years ago, pulling out all my old Martha& the Vandellas Mavelettes and Supremes records,coming up with a vision wanting to create a new age 60′s girls group and modernize it. started working on soul-angel finding 2 girls and watching old shows. this was before amy winehouse so people thought i was truy bugging out. i did i decided wiith the two girls..watched about 25 old shows of all the girl groups and asking my sis to help me come up with moves ( she had just done dreamgirls) worked my but off on references…after i did i decided alot of folks were digging it but alot of folk thought were confused about “the look” now every which a way i turn..everyone is in 60′s girl group reference. its like traditional r&b again to do the 60′s sound, look ect.”

    Her twitter just happened to fall on the same date as the world premiere of LeTOYA LUCKETT’S New video “NOT ANYMORE.


  8. Hey...



  9. yeah yeah yeah

    Maybe her whole camp is swagger jackin!Its likely cause some people just don’t have the “it” factor. Its certain that she didn’t style herself for the video, at least i hope not because both Keyshia Cole AND J.Lo wore those shoes before!


  10. jujubelle

    Solange needs to get over herself. How many times has this same concept been done…Solange mad cause her video was janky…let’s be real.


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