Lil Wayne ‘Roars’ with Asher Roth

Asher and Lil Wayne

The guest list for Asher Roth’s debut album has had one lil’ last minute addition…

Lil Wayne has jumped on “Lion’s Roar,” a new cut off the rap newcomer’s first record Asleep in the Bread Aisle, due April 20. Asher’s other Universal Motown labelmate Busta Rhymes is also featured on the Oren Yoel-produced party anthem. Ludacris was originally supposed to spit a verse on the track, which previously went by the title “Leo the Lion.”

Other cameos on Bread Aisle include Estelle, Cee-Lo, Chester French, and Jazze Pha. Asher’s first single, “I Love College,” is currently No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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  1. Youwe

    Fuck Weezy. I liked the original tracklist, now I feel like this album will just be a commercial one. Guess why


  2. yeahyeah

    Lil Wayne is over-rated. He mumbles have the stuff he sings. Ludacris should have stayed on the album.


  3. dc

    why so much hate on wayne? he might be overrated, but luda is way more overrated. I’m ok w/ the switch



    thank you dc for not being a dick and hating on wayne :)

    as for the fucking hater, fuck y’all! wayne rocks!


  5. Yup

    Best Rapper ALIVE



    thank you yup :D


  7. caps 0808

    lil wayne can only make someone better, n improve them , lil wayne is on top of hip hop and no one can bring him down what u say or dont say will not change anythin so y dont u just save ur breath n keep it when it will b useful


  8. double_a

    As long as he’s not using that auto-tune ish then it’ll be ok.. Ash is still a beast though..


  9. philo

    um….eminem is actually the best rapper alive u faggot… with it


  10. TAC

    ya eminem is the best rapper alive, even though i like lil wayne….as long as he isnt using autotune too much!


  11. caps 0808

    eminem is one of the best and prob better than lil wayne because of his acheievements, but they have different styles, one is a freestyler and the other is a lyricst, eminem is more rap while lil wyane is more hip hop if u no wht i mean. u have to also take 1 thing into consideration, eminem was putting out album when downloading wasnt a big issue like this, nowadays artists have to deal wiht downloads , leaks and recession itss hard give wayne credit fro selling 3 million even through all that !!


  12. caps 0808

    btw hot revolver second single off rebirht now availible on itunes


  13. caps=stupid_dumbass

    shut the hell upp u have know idea what your talking about. em is the best and wayne good. wayne appeal to everyone thats why he so big


  14. 90's Hip Hop

    Yo f*ck Wayne! He ain’t even the best in the south…Outkast takes that…Just because he has all those Grammy’s don’t make him a lyricist…Will Smith has a Grammy…he can’t rap! Wayne is hair band hip hop…What was the worst time for Rock…80′s hairband Rock…it was all about money and partyin’…what was the worst generation for hip hop 2000′s cause it was all about partying and money…Wayne is to hip hop what Axel Rose is to Rock n’ Roll…the best of a shitty generation and sound. Not to mention he don’t even come up with his own ideas (Snoop sung first) his lyrical process (Biggie and jay z were the first to not write anything down) shit he stole the orval redenbacher line in A Millie from Method Man…By 2011 Wayne won’t be much the country don’t need what he has anymore…He’s flash and swagger…not thoughts and knowledge…with this economy doing what it is, you watch that knowledge is gonna be needed. weezy definately don’t got that. Just cause Couric interviews you don’t make u the best…Katie Couric isn’t hip hop…she’s one of those that called it a fad when no one believed in it…now Weezy does interviews with her…get out he’s all hype I’ve read every lyric I listened to Carter 3 back to front it ain’t nothing. You want true hip hop go underground. You want TRL hip hop go Weezy. and f*ck baby too!


  15. Catie

    I’d prefer hearing Lil Wayne rap over Ludacris any day, smart decision.


  16. Carthy

    vanilla ice is actually the best rapper PERIOD his moves and lyrics are sooooooooo him, I don’t know how he comes up with such cool stuff!


  17. nik



  18. Ryan FlySociety

    First of All…Fuck All Ya’ll Cuz Ya’ll Are Wasting All of Your Time Aruguing Who Is Tha Best And Whose Not, & Tha Pl You Guys Are Arguing About 1. Dnt Kno You, 2. dnt Give About You, 3. Dnt Give A Fuck What You Think About Them & 4. they Make Soo Much Money If They Read This They Would Never Stop Laughing Cuz They Would Relize That You Guys Have No Fucking Life & Your Being Pathetic…So Seriously Get Off Their Fucking Dick Cuz They Ate Certianly Never Gonna Be On Yours & That’s Real…Hate If You Want


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