Aubrey O’Day Lashes Out at Industry

Aubrey O'Day

Aubrey O’Day has some words for those who criticize her. Borrowing a page from Russell Simmons, the former Danity Kane member speaks out on the music industry’s pressure for her to conform to its standards of right and wrong.

“What did the king of all things say he wanted when he started his career? Simple. ‘Cocaine and p*ssy.’ … I use that intro to bring this idea to the table: Aren’t we all taking ourselves a lil’ too seriously? … What I’ve experienced on the music end is a constant pressure to ‘ACT right and SPEAK right.’ The industry people telling me this are not trying to instill better behavior in order to help make me a better person or allow me to learn some valuable life lesson. … So what I love about the mogul’s less than politically correct or ‘wrong’ answer, is maybe we all ought to lighten up and allow our artists to be what they are and say what they really feel or think instead of giving the ‘vague and opinion less’ answer as taught to my generation of artists in order to achieve ‘credibility and longevity’ to sell more records… Maybe next time the answer should be something as simple as ‘cocaine and p**sy.’”

Read the full entry on her blog, along with Russell’s response.

The Playboy cover girl is in negotiations for a solo record deal. She is reportedly speaking with Steve Rifkind’s SRC Records/Universal Motown, who signed Asher Roth and Akon.

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  1. Tee-Tee

    blah blah blah wateva hoe!


  2. ugh

    Grammar is not her forte. I love her, but this was just pointless and didn’t make her look any smarter.


  3. Merril The Space Cadet

    She’s great,enough said


  4. Sosicc_witswagga

    I love aubrey she was my fav danity kane not is she talented she is sexy. Keep doing u aubrey!!


  5. Bijan

    Whatever….double standards
    Aubrey’s the one conforming! She doesn’t give shit about music anymore.


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