SXSW: Kanye West, Amber Rose, Kid Cudi, Solange, Lady Sovereign, Rye Rye

Perez Hilton, Amber Rose, and Kanye

Amber Rose and Kanye West partied with Perez Hilton at the gossip blogger’s One Night in Austin party during South by Southwest (SXSW) on Saturday in Texas.

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  1. Rch

    I wonder if Amber knows how much shhht Perez talks about her on his blog?


  2. Dillon_68



  3. Catie

    He also told Kanye to get over it when his mother died, apparently Kanye didn’t read it? I can’t stand Perez, i don’t know why anyone supports him.


  4. ugh

    perez is trying to be funny by wearing the same hat aretha franklin wore at obamas inauguration but its not. hes discusting and he is whats wrong with hollywood.

    wtf is with solange and that line on her face? girl you aint lookin cool. she probably waiting for all the ” oh dayum girl you so fresh and futuristic” but you just look a straight fool.


  5. Fresh Prince22

    amber rose looks good…nice white teeth…glad kanye cut his hair…was lookin tired of solange tryin to rock that eye shadow…not cute

    lady sovereign—-next

    Perez– He needs to stop wearing women clothing. And why does he talk about everyone but yet he still hangs around them (and the people who are getting talked bout lets him)


  6. BP86

    I’m not too crazy about Amber Rose. At All.


  7. Giselle

    LOVE Kanye and Kid Cudi!


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