Review Roundup: Keri Hilson – ‘In a Perfect World…’

In a Perfect World...

After 12 years in the making, Keri Hilson’s debut album In a Perfect World… finally arrives in stores and on iTunes today. How does it fare with the critics? Find out below.

Entertainment Weekly: [Keri Hilson] gracefully emerges from behind the scenes with In a Perfect World…, a seductive debut CD full of slick, radio-friendly cuts. B+

The New York Times: The excellent “Slow Dance” sounds like a mid-1980s Prince ballad, sparkly and psychedelic, and the album’s high point, “Alienated,” is an alluring cloud-covered plea to an ex in which Ms. Hilson alternates between singing and a sort of whispered rap.

Los Angeles Times: Compared with Keyshia Cole’s and Trina’s typically fiery turns in “Get Your Money Up,” Hilson comes off like somebody Polow hired as an in-studio chaperon. She fares much better in the handful of cameo-free cuts, such as “Make Love.” 2 out of 4

Newsday: The Ciara-like ballad “Make Love” seems to go on forever, especially following the similarly too-long, too-drawn-out “Slow Dance.” Hilson clearly has a lot of potential, as she showed with her breakthrough with Timbaland. But aside from a few well-crafted moments, In a Perfect World… doesn’t come close to fulfilling it. B-

Rap-Up’s Favorite Tracks: “Turnin’ Me On,” “Get Your Money Up,” “Knock You Down,” “Make Love”

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  1. nia

    i just got the album it is amazing. keri is definitely doing her thing. i just hope everyone else does their part to help keri sell cuz this shit is hot


  2. mia

    The Album is AMAZING…


  3. uh

    i preordered the album, but it was leaked time ago, and it’s WONDERFUL.. so if you’ve got a chance and some money.. you’ll love this album, it’s full of great songs


  4. Matt

    The album is great but I heard it all months ago. The constant leaks from this album are going to hurt the final sales numbers.

    I’m ready for the next Hilson album already!


  5. brett

    MISS KERI BABY! great R&B album. key tracks. Knock You Down, Slow Dance, Turnin Me On. I feel she is sorta like the-dream has been putting in work for a while and finally it is just starting to pay off, i hope her album does well.


  6. wameezy

    Thats how its going to be for keri hilson cause you see how the Dream broke out into the scene from being a songwriter, Ne-yo did it, now its keri’s turn. She will have a very long and promising career ahead of her.


  7. James

    I don’t think this album is gonna sale really good. The only way how if it comes across pop audiences. I think the album is good even though i heard it a while ago. Im going to say its gonna sell from 100,000-150,000 first week due to major leaks. I’m not doubting, hating, or putting no one down but its the truth.


  8. Stuyridah



  9. crunkpoet

    yea i dont think its going to sale much but i have faith in her if everyone goes out and buys in this first week!!! so go cop the disc even if u already have it leaked and what not…u wont be disappointed


  10. Drake

    got it and im NOT dissapointed


  11. REM

    Perfect! loved every song


  12. wameezy

    I will say the album will sell 175,000 copies first week because the promotion has been very good if knock you down goes number 1 on billboard she has nothing to worry about.


  13. Giselle

    I love the album, out of all the songs its only one song that I don’t like. Its definitely worth it.


  14. DJ Triumph

    really good album.


  15. Yan

    The album is amazing. I think the album is gonna be ok. In the first week, 80-90,000.
    i’m ready for the next album!


  16. jk

    kerri fackin hilson is the bomb! she rockin rules!!


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