Ciara, Keri, and the City


Ciara and Keri Hilson both had a date with New York City on Tuesday. CiCi was spotted at the Waverly Inn & Garden in Manhattan, while Keri signed copies of her new album at Wet Seal. We see you Sherlen!

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  1. uh

    keri look fabulous in those pics!


  2. AnTwaun

    Ciara looks stunning, I love her. & keri love a few tracks off the album but im not big on that hair, ur hot with the pervious do’s u had.


  3. Deontae

    Ciara looks so sexy and Keri looks sexy as well. My favorite two artist out abd outbout lol



    get it cici.


  5. Giselle

    Ciara looks decent. Nice outfit and everything.

    Love Keri!


  6. Stuyridah

    both ladies look stunning glad to see them hardworking


  7. Mark

    Ciara and Keri both look beautiful. However Keri looks older than 26 yrs old.


  8. Jazmine

    Ciara Looks AMAZING!
    Keri Looks Cute Too They Can Both Past For Cousins


  9. carl

    Ciara looks so good” GET EM CICI!


  10. Dz

    Ciara looks hot.

    Keri looks decent too.

    I just realized Keri Hilson looks like Ellen in those rap-up videos. IMO. lol. Pretty funny.


  11. Nah

    Ciara looks pretty.


  12. keny aka I Love CiCi (im her man)

    Get ‘em CiCi


  13. Catie

    Keri does look alot older than 26. I’ve always thought that. By just looking at her, i’d think she was in her mid 30′s.

    Ciara looks great, i’m liking her hair like that.


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  15. kaylacherise

    keri is so pretty but like the otha girl said im not big on that hair n cici hair cute…both look nice…oh yea go get keri cd its a banger


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