Lil Wayne Joins Electrik Red for Remix Video

Electrik Red

Electrik Red took a trip to Wayne’s World to shoot a black-and-white video for the remix to their single “So Good” featuring Weezy F. Baby. The ladies will release their debut album How to Be a Lady: Volume 1 on April 21.

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  1. wameezy

    Damn what are these chicks budgets this is gonna be like there 4th video i guess everyone goes to lil wayne for a hit its getting so played out now!


  2. Doesitevenmatter

    Hell yea that album is gunna b hawt!!. Cant wait, w/or w/o wayne thur sum big spenders lol



    i wonder if beyonce stands will say they are copying her. afterall they are standing up just like beyonce would


  4. BryXx

    why each time we can see a video or a sneak peak or just a picture of a music video, there are always a beyonce comparaison. I agree beyonce is hot, she is talented, and one of the most famous but she’s not The Reference, and The Influence of all females artists and group bands.


  5. New Music: Electrik Red f/ Lil Wayne - ‘So Good (Remix)’ -

    [...] by jockn matt on Mar.26, 2009, under Music Electrik Red gets by with a little help from Lil Wayne on the remix to “So Good,” the latest single off their debut album. The I Am Music tour-mates recently shot a video for the song. Photos can be seen here. [...]

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