New Music: Pussycat Dolls – ‘Painted Windows’

Pussycat Dolls

“Painted Windows” is one of the new cuts off Doll Domination 2.0, the rerelease of the Pussycat Dolls’ sophomore album, in stores and online April 14.

Is that actually Melody we hear on the Darkchild production?

Pussycat Dolls – “Painted Windows”

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  1. Kevin

    YO, THIS IS TOO HOT! Rodney Jerkins’ done out did himself with this one!


  2. Giselle

    If they release this as a single it will definitely be a hit. The beat is sick.


  3. pcdboi

    Its Nicole, Melody and Jessica thats in the song :D


  4. adamfromoz

    darkchild is so so so darn great!!! he also has chemistry with the dolls! wish his version of what ya think about that was on doll domination 2.0 but guess they got all ‘shamed’ but its failure – i recon it just needed the darkchild touch.

    love hearing melody, she brings new flavor – and (her name is) Nicole is proving to not be able to do it alone. loved melody on ‘elevator’ sad that song isnt on re release – seriously listen to it and it genuinely catches on you – plus its written by lady gaga so its got the goods!


  5. J-esper

    It’s a good mix of Mel Jess and Nicole
    still mostly Nicole =D
    I liek it


  6. jl_crack

    Love it!


  7. Dima

    I LOVE IT!

    I WANT VIDEO!!!!!


  8. BP86

    finally we hear the other girls. I believe it should be a collaborative effort, so good for them. this song is good. now ELEVATOR, that song is AMAZING. should’ve been a single.


  9. Kyus

    i LOVE this song!!!!!! we can actually hear melody and jess is on backing vocals! GO PCD!


  10. Joe

    WOW! This song is amazing!!! PCD rocks!
    “PW” 4 single!!!


  11. Vladislav

    This song is amazing. I really shocked!!! This is something new!


  12. MIKI

    i love this song…


  13. Andrei

    BEST SONG, i am addicted to it !!!


  14. Дмитрий

    THIS IS A HIT!!!


  15. jopacangrie

    love the song perfect


  16. Honey

    I can hear Melody!!!
    WOW!!! I love this song! They must make a video!!!


  17. papi

    the elevator song is written by the same writer that wrote this Cristyle


  18. drinksonme

    This song is hottt! Darkchild did his thing. I hope video comes soon.


  19. Love it

    The song is absolutly amazing!It’s one of their best songs.If they released as a single and make video for it it’s gonna be huge hit all around the world.The beat it great,and i love the chorus.It’s great that they all sing.I wasn’t big pcd fan but this song is amazing!Love it <3

    Jump in my painted windows,wanna see my soul? <3


  20. Love it

    I forget to tell that Darkchild is great!He is the best!


  21. jopacangrie

    jeje u’re rigth Love it pcd 4 ever love u Nicole :)


  22. Jaum

    1.2.3…PCD! Amazing!!!


  23. Luke

    Omg i can’t believe i finally hear smth new, i think i’m gonna get a heart attack, i hear new stuff by dolls almost every month heheh=) i want a new video!!!!!


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