Video: What Turns Keri Hilson On?

As some of you may have noticed, we accidently posted the wrong description for Keri Hilson’s video on Thursday. In yesterday’s clip, she shares her current music playlist. Watch that video here.

As Keri Hilson’s Takeover comes to an end, Miss Keri spills about crazy antics on the I Am Music tour with T-Wayne and pals, her relationship status, what she looks for in a man, her friend Chris Brown’s recent troubles, and the best and worst parts of fame. Keri on, baby! For real this time.

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  1. g-girl

    So punching somebody in the face repeatedly is “young love”?….okay Keri that doesn’t make sense


  2. Giselle

    ^ That isn’t what she said. I think she meant that their situation was a reflection of that, and unfortunately it happened the way it happened. Anywho, that was a nice way to end Keri Takeover week.


  3. g-girl

    ^^That is what she said and implied. She said “that’s young love”, I watched it twice. I love Keri but that was a stupid thing to say on her part. It’s best she have said “no comment” to the situation


  4. Catie

    G-girl, what Keri meant was that the actual lyrics and meaning of the song can describe what they are going through, not the title itself. Your taking her statement too literal.

    Anyways, i still need to get that album!


  5. Ebony

    I agree with G-GIRL. She explain the song “young love” and then called what happened between CB and Rihanna a form of “young love”. It’s unfortunate that people minimize what happened. People love to blame it on youth it has nothing to do with it. Little boys already know they can’t hit girls, blaming it on youth or lack of experience doesn’t make sense, there are soooooo many teenage girls who are being battered. I had a girlfriend who was beaten up by her boyfriend at age 16, knew another girl who was abused she was about 18, back in my teen days. They left the relationships, but they were never the same after that. Anyway, didn’t like the CB/Rihanna answer.


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