Electrik Red ‘How to Be a Lady’ Tracklisting

Electrik Red

Rap-Up.com has obtained the official tracklisting for R&B quartet Electrik Red’s debut album How to Be a Lady: Volume 1, now scheduled for release on May 26.

1. “Devotion”
2. “P is for Power”
3. “Freaky Freaky”
4. “Friend Lover”
5. “Muah”
6. “9 to 5”
7. “So Good”
8. “Bed Rest”
9. “On Point”
10. “We F U”
11. “Drink in My Cup”
12. “Go Shawty”
13. “Kill Bill”
14. “So Good (Remix)” featuring Lil Wayne

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  1. Robert Loves Ciara

    How could they not put the song Blind on their album!!



    they come out may 26 and already have a tracklisting?

    rap up can you find out ciara’s. if she comes out may 5th they should have one already


  3. Rulebreaker

    Exactly, where’s ciara’s tracklisting for “fantasy ride”?!


  4. Julien

    Yes I also want to see Ciara’s Tracklist :)

    Fantasy Ride May 5th make sure

    The Queen is back


  5. Dominicano

    omg!!!!!! Go shawty is my shit!!!!!!! So glad it made the album go shawty go shawty ooooo!!!! Deep and slow!!!!!!!!!!!! Electrik red is dime don divas im so amped for the album!!!!


  6. Nick

    Why are they still releasing this even though it will CLEARLY FLOP. They need to shelve this sh*t and sit down.


  7. Jay

    That “So Good” song is the ish…love that video! I’m really starting to like these girls. I recognize a couple of them from some music videos I think dancing in Usher and Beyonce ones…they’re really talented. I’ll have to check that album out.


  8. Nonsense

    I love ER these girls are great i don’t know why ppl like to hate on them for. shit is one thing to not like someones music but ppl take it far with these girls calling them video hoes WTF? They were dancers. anyways can’t wait these chicks are talented without a doubt and bold!


  9. UkrainianGirls

    I think that it is a very interesting and amusing article. Practically all its main points are true.


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