Walk It Out: LaTavia, LeToya, & Eve

LaTavia, LeToya, and Eve

Half of the original Destiny’s Child, LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett, were joined by Eve as they attended the Minority Mentorship Symposium at the University of Texas in Austin on Saturday. Lookin’ good, ladies.

LeToya, LaTavia, and Eve LeToya and Eve LeToya, LaTavia, and Eve

Photo credit: Arnold Turner

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  1. Rick

    They look GREAT, I can’t wait until LeToya’s Album comes out. When is her Album Sampler dropping?


  2. Giselle

    Everyone looks great.


  3. LOL

    All three ladies are beautiful. LeToya’s haircut looks good on her. LaTavia my god! Her body is sick. Eve is still my girl. Still copping LeToya’s album. Has LeToya video made it to 106 & Part yet?


  4. Giselle

    ^ Sadly, no. Crazy thing is I vote for that video everyday, and it still has yet to make an entry. BET is wack anyway.


  5. wameezy

    Damn havent seen latavia in a min and damn her body is bangin she got them thick hips she needs to go solo or sumthin how she makin money these days.


  6. Jay

    Wow LaTavia, I haven’t seen her in a long time! Wonder what she’s been up to Any way, they all lookin good! Letoya’s album goin be dope and I’ll always love my girl Eve I still be watchin that show


  7. Ebony

    Yes LaTavia has a body to die for, all the curves at the right places, damn I’m a straight woman but I have to admit her body is hot. This sista is so beautiful. Gotta give her props! Eve & Toya look good too, go ‘head ladies!


  8. Hey...



  9. LETOYA & MC stan 4 lyfe!

    LeToya hitting the gym was 1 of the best things she cud’ve don. Her body looks better & better every pic. Can’t wait to c those abs, but she still got sumwat of long way 2 go. Can’t wait 4 the album & im glad 2 c NOT ANYMORE is commencing 2 tear ^ da charts; hopefully Lazy will make the cut *Listening now*!


  10. Chase

    I can’t lie, that’d be a hot ass super-group right there.. LeToya with the highs, LaTavia with the lows/raps, and Eve as the main rapper… am I the only one who’d love to see that?


  11. Catie

    Wow, i haven’t seen LaTavia in years!

    LeToya’s “Not Anymore” should be at the top of the charts, radio stations need to pick up on it!


  12. LOL


    LeToya’s voice ride so well on this beat. LeToya’s swag seems to overshadow Young Joc bars.

    Has anyone heard this song?


  13. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi)

    wow its good to see LaTavia , where have she been?

    they all looking good


  14. drtash

    Latavia looks HOT with short hair. And those hips….DAMN….that’s all I can say..LOL


  15. coco

    love eva


  16. Similarities

    Latavia and I share the same body type… and I get the same reaction and attention when I’m walking in the mall, to the groceries store, and when I go to work.


  17. Into Similarities

    @ Similarities
    It would be great to see if what you say is true. Email me: [email protected]


  18. trailed

    dang its been 10 years, 1999 since I last saw LaTavia!!


  19. tiago

    d++ amo muito essas duas elas são cool


  20. Tiffany

    yo i love all of the music i wish i could see you girls in person email me to god bless you girls


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