Jesse McCartney Takes Over

First Keri Hilson, then Flo Rida, and now singer-songwriter Jesse McCartney takes over all week long.

In his first interview of the week, the “Leavin’” singer talks about the re-release of his third album Departure: Recharged, working with Ludacris on the “How Do You Sleep? (Remix),” his changing fanbase, and how he had to carry a fan offstage.

Departure: Recharged is available tomorrow featuring four brand new tracks!

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  1. alice

    oh man, Jesse’s such a tease during Oxygen! *_*


  2. Nicole

    OMG >< i wish he serenade me in oxygen that would be awsome :D<3 so sexy i love himm


  3. Jmacluvva

    OMG I LUH-UUUV HIMM we r gunna get married 1 day


  4. Kimberly

    haha i saw that video of the dragged girl…he’s such a flirt <3


  5. Debbie

    That man look hott on full screen. What the hell i would never bring my boyfriend! I would totall be that girl who faints


  6. lilly

    haha, wie body language next single! :D


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  8. Nicole

    awww! he is sooo sweet! lol he had to carry a girl off stage!! that would probably be me!! i loved it when he said i love seeing the girls freak out lol gotta love him!


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