Jesse McCartney Rings Up Toni Braxton

Jesse McCartney and Toni Braxton

Beyoncé isn’t the only one to put a ring on it. Singer-songwriter Jesse McCartney exclusively tells about a similar ring-themed track he wrote for Toni Braxton’s new album.

“I did a record for Toni Braxton called ‘My Ring’s Too Heavy,’” says the soon-to-be 22-year-old pop star, whose album Departure: Recharged hits stores today. “Three weeks later, Beyoncé came out with a record called ‘Single Ladies’ and it sort of has a hand and a ring theme behind it.”

The song was recorded for the “Dancing with the Stars” alum’s sixth studio album, due out on Atlantic Records. “No offense to Beyoncé, I think Toni’s is a little bit better in my opinion, but we’ll have to see what the charts do.”

Meanwhile, the “Bleeding Love” songwriter has plans to hit the studio with “American Idol” Jordin Sparks for her sophomore album.

Watch Jesse’s full Takeover interview below.

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  1. OhMY

    i love beyonce, and i love toni. both are good


  2. babybenz

    Jesse, you’re a big goat for calling beyonce out, cos this sh*# has got nothin to do with bey, because you’re trying to get attention, that sucks boy. And for ur info the dream and christopher wrote single ladies. And you have no right to compare em both! You bloody loser!


  3. rod grey

    that is great news
    what does he mean by atlantic is doing a big push for her in april
    who is her manager
    any other news on toni and her upcoming album


  4. rod grey

    i thank jessie for always talking about toni
    keep it up


  5. Jay

    Toni Braxton is the bomb like tick tick!


  6. Sexxxy

    Troy Carter, Eve’s long time manager, is Toni Braxton’s manager now. Toni IS better vocal wise, let’s face it. I totally agree. Shut up babybenz!


  7. Nonmyous

    I can’t wait to hear it. He’s talented and single ladies was only hot because of the video


  8. TUGH

    Ugh “baby benz” CHILLLLL, I am a huge BEY fan, and he is not calling her out he said “in my OPINION” he is entitle to that!


  9. mla

    I love Mike Jones’ new song not this ish!


  10. babybenz

    Aint nobody saying bey is better or whateva! They are both different artiste and bring different things to the table, he doesn’t have to call bey because he wants to promote toni, and sexxy and TUGH, I didn’t ask for you’re opinion so STFU and STFD!


  11. Kimberly

    Im listening to departure recharged right now! The new songs are amazingg


  12. Rich

    Actually Jesse,

    Toni had a song titled “Take This Ring” on her 2005 album Libra.

    Sorry bro but you’re not a trendsetter.


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  14. rod grey

    is that the only song he wrote for tb


  15. Catie

    Jesse wasn’t saying that Toni herself was better than Beyonce, he was saying that the track he wrote for her is better than “Single Ladies”.

    I can’t wait for Toni to come back out. There was a song leaked a couple of months ago (or even more) called “Melt (Like an Iceberg)” and i loved it.


  16. Cutiepie

    Don’t go calling Jesse a big goat, babybenz. Jesse was just given his opion. Rich, the two songs have nothing to do with each other. rod grey, Jesse has wrote for Leona Lewis, he will be witten for Jordon Sparks later on this year. In my opion, Jesse should be keeping these songs, because all the songs he writes get popular.



  17. victoria




  18. Nika

    wow Jesse and Toni :)) Jesse is GREAT :D I hope the song will be a hit ;))


  19. Heather

    He is so cute :) ! His album Departure- Recharged is out today!There is also a free giveaway going on right now text JMAC to 30303 to win a Recharged Spa Departure at Burke William Spas! umgd


  20. Fritzma

    Can’t Wait to hear that Song..Toni Is bringing the Fire this Time around..Her first Single Drops this Month( September)..Can’t Wait For Toni..Welcome back Queen Braxton.


  21. Britney Robinson

    Jesse was giving a opinion, he didn’t say he was setting a TREND he just said it was ironic, and atleast he knows whats up, toni is the elder therfor she deserves respect and she has good soul music(although now she has to compete with the beyonces and rihannas), you def can’t say the same for beyonce(sorry but its true) and beyonce writes songs similar to toni’s but they most cetainly don’t even compete.


  22. Jenna

    Jesse was only giving his opinion, are people not aloud to give their opinions? i see everyone here is ..
    he wasn’t saying Toni Braxton is better but the track is better IN HIS OPINION which he even said ..
    Chill and leave him alone :)


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