Christina Milian ‘Elope’ Album Listening

The-Dream and Christina Milian

Interscope Records executives, including chairman Jimmy Iovine, gathered at an exclusive listening party for Christina Milian’s new album Elope in Los Angeles. Christina, along with her producer/boyfriend The-Dream, received a standing ovation after playing tracks for a room full of execs.

Xtina Mili-Blonde will release her latest effort on The-Dream’s Radio Killa Records/MySpace Records. An insider tells that Elope is looking at a late summer or fall release, with a second single by the summer.

More photos, including the Milian family, below.

Photo credit: Arnold Turner

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  1. Dominicano

    Omg rap-up u guys r da best!!!!!!!!!


  2. wameezy

    ummm ok so does this mean that they wont be releasing a single till summer time cause i thought supersonic was gonna be released this month. Atleast release the single to give it some buzz. I already heard the demo to im a cheat and that song is fire im curious to hear what the rest of the album sounds like.


  3. bass_man

    i’m so excited!
    “It’s About Time” is one of my favorite albums of all time, and I hope Elope is as good or better.

    Controversy aside, I really enjoy her music and I hate how “Us Against the World” didn’t get as popular.. I’m really anticipating the album.

    thanks Rap-Up


  4. Giselle

    I hope its as good as she says. When she said the first single sounds like something R. Kelly and Aaliyah would do, she definitely lost me.


  5. Liz

    She looks a mess. I mean, seriously. She looks terrible. I don’t know if she has a stylist or not, but she needs to get one QUICKLY. I understand that she is trying to change her look, but she is for the worse, and one usually change their look to get a better reason. I mean, people don’t follow Kim Kardashian because she looks awful.


  6. carl

    I don’t even see her album getting released at this point.


  7. Catie

    Late summer to fall?! I can’t wait that long, haha. I feel like if she went out to promote “Us Against the World”, it could have been a huge hit.

    She looks amazing. I knew with the right make-up, the hair would look fab!


  8. Martina

    1st its dre as her no. 2 friend on myspace, then madd scientist and now dream. She’s just in love with whoever she thinks is going to save her music career. I thinks it’s pretty corny to deny dating someone your always holding hands with and seen kissing, it’s just like why? She’s so quirky lately it’s like where’s the real christina, has anyone seen her? That video was pretty lame if you ask me to have dream comparing himself to jordan and ali, that would of been little bit of a reach for kanye, but dream is just funny. Nobody hates on dream like he wants to believe, only thing I can really see is girls like wondering what christina sees in him.


  9. Keith Carey

    I Wanna Hear The Song Her & The Drean Have On The Album!


  10. Jason

    Radiokilla was the dumbest career move she ever made, I can’t imagine why she would do that she’s so much better than that.


  11. Jay

    I knew that was her mom, they look just alike and she looks so young too. And I agree Keith I wanna hear the new song too…can’t wait to hear the album.


  12. Fico

    im gettin used to the blonde hair on here now…


  13. Necole Christina Milian Elopes

    [...] listening session for Milliblonde’s upcoming album “Elope”.   According to Rap – Up, her project received a standing ovation from the execs that were in the room, including Jimmy [...]

  14. ron.e

    she looks like a hot mess.


  15. austn

    hope she elope with her boyfriend to africa atleast to make a video here in nigeria.


  16. Mili-Lover...

    well we love our “fans”…lol
    but i cant wait to hear the cd!!!
    the hair doesnt look that bad people!!
    Just always try to put someone who is doin what they got to do down i see. =]
    I also like the dress xTINA!


  17. j.wright

    “Supersonic” and “Welcome to Vegas” are FIRE!!

    I need her to hurry up and put this album out..cause those two tracks are legit


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